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GORMARU Monstrosity Display - Inheritance
"For every action made in life, and for every event inflicted upon the world, there leaves behind a thread, an inheritance, one that spreads, assimilates, and affects all manner of existence. This inheritance never comes from one thing, and it never stays as one thing, always changing, mutating, growing into the conclusion that it was always meant to be. And once it finds itself, once it irons out its flaws and remakes itself through the best attributes of its parents, will arise a successor that will inherit the world. 

An inheritor of what was and of everything left behind. An inheritor of what is, and what will always be long after."

All monstrosities are abomination anomalies born outside of the laws of both Nature and Creation, they are forces beyond comprehension and the natural order, however despite being otherworldly they are strongly grounded to the circumstances and calamities that which borne them. Both embodying and assimilating such events and the disasters that may follow from them. GOMRARU, Gamma Horror of the Deep, is the accumulated Monstrosity whom embodies "Inheritance" and the ultimate conclusion of the calamities left behind by predecessors of arrogance, ruin, and tyranny. A threshold rooted from both Man and his atrocities to become God, and Nature and its celestial wrath to rule over all instead of mutually coexist. In other words, through its inheritance, Gormaru is an equilibrium of destruction to any or all forces, a life sentence to all that summon its hellfire and ring its atomic knell.

MESSAGE (TO SELF): To self, Boogie209, I know it's Summer, and I know that it is too hot to do anything, but stop forgetting to recycle your freakin water bottles!! xD Bloody hell man get back on track!!


Joke aside, this is a fun little piece that I wanted to build up for a while, a remake of a previous art piece that I did, but with an insightful visual depth that glimpses more into what Gormaru is, and potentially how he came to be, from segments of a in-progress graphic novel that I may or may not be Frankenstein-ing behind closed doors. It's a glimpse that rightfully asks more questions than answers, as there's certainly more to it than what can be dug here, but the main post above is from Gormaru's story, though selected parts of a bigger picture. Still it helps broaden the spectrum quite a bit. :D  
GORMARU Gamma Horror of the Deep
Towering 115 Meters tall with an eclipsing tail to boot, weighing over 124,000 tons in mountainous bulk and thick body armor; bringing the heat of atomic annihilation and the might of a Gamma Ray Burst, here's the menacing GORMARU! The G-Bomb, The Big Guy, the Gamma Horror of the Deep himself! Again! :D 

Been a LONG while since I've last done anything on here, so you know, getting back into the mood of things, finding that spark to create again! ^_^ So why not have some more fun with the big guy! Same official design but in a new profile piece! Don't be fooled by his mass, while lumbering, heavy-weighted, and mountainous in body nature, he still packs surprising bursts of quickness, especially once rolled up in his Carapace Ball and steamrolling everything in sight with earth-shattering force! This was fun to do, and I'm definitely feeling back in action :) 
Happy Valentine's Day 2019 From GORMARU
A tad bit early by a few hours, but never the less, big-boss Gormaru would like to wish you monsters out there a bright and monstrous Valentine's Day!! Be you single or not, celebrating or not, just know that you're never alone! For tonight and tomorrow, the big guy sends out his warmest regards (along with billions of property damage!) ^_^ 
Kaiju Planitis, King of the Strange Beasts Profile

Name: KAIJU PLANITIS, The King of Strange Beasts (Bloomed)
Height (Core Body Head To Toe): 135 Meters
Height (Full Body/w Orochi Heads Curled): 220 Meters  
Length (Full Body/ w Orochi Heads): 320 Meters
Weight: 240,000 Tons!
Gender: Male

Kaiju Planitis (Planet Form) Appearance: In its sealed state referred to as its 'Planet Form', Kaiju Planitis body and physiology emulates that of a hideous planetary-size flowerbud constructed of draconian scales, ancient crust, grotesque petals, and monstrous maw-fanged roots. Hiding on the inside a hellish being of unidentifiable form and horrific nature. But once bloomed the flowerbud peels back its petals and roots, condensing down in size into an unraveling of a stabilized and perfected state. A true form that mirrors its monstrous being, ghastly nature, and all of that life that it had consumed while in its Planet Form. A apocalyptic monstrosity of otherworldly divinity classified as "Daikaiju".  
------------*Art, Data, Abilities and Powers of "Planet-Form" Coming Soon*

Kaiju Planitis (Bloomed State) Appearance: In its 'Bloomed State', or 'Perfected-Form', Kaiju Planitis's Planet Form and Maw-Fanged Roots splinter apart and reveal themselves to be the beast's mighty and destructive Orochi-heads. Revealing Planitis to not only be a multi-headed/multi-tailed monster, but also a beast that could have potentially inspired the mythology of the Tailed-Beasts, the Chimera, and the Orochi Serpent given various ancient findings that connect back to the kaiju's discovery. Each Orochi-head and their tailing necks; in their own nature are draconian, earthly, and otherworldly, emulating the various planets and kingdoms that the kaiju had consumed across universes unknown. With each one being elastic and massive enough to bite off almost whole-body chunks out of monstrous foes, with the exception of its three most largest tails, as they can swallow beasts of similar size to the core body entirely whole. 

The Core-Body is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Planitis. Its hideous form a draconian and devilish Hell made flesh. Armored with a horn-crowned chimera body, the abominable beast consisted of mountainous bulk, deathly claws, beastly scales, and horrific hooves; all topped with a multi-layered hide of planetary crust suited over its hellfire-bodily core. A nightmarish beast in its entirety, one that instills menace and terror from the very sight of it. A living Hell that among bewildered scientist, draw chilling comparisons to various iterations of the Devil.  
Kaiju Planitis, The King of Strange Beasts (Bloomed) Abilities:

Abilities: Constricting Draconian Orochi-Tails, Tectonic Multi-Planet Armor, Mach 3 Flight Travel via Planet-Form Transformation, and Able to Regenerate Draconian Orochi-Tails. In the possibility of death Is Able to Produce a Single Reincarnation Egg in the throat of a selected Orochi Tail, and have it Throw Up A Live New Body or Spit Out The Egg With Universe Traveling Distance(Automatically kills off its previous body after birth).  

((Kaiju Planitis, The King of Strange Beasts (Bloomed) Powers: )) 

(Seismic Hurricane Roar) -- Inhaling a massive intake of air and then exhaling within a mighty howl, Kaiju Planitis can fire an eruptive dual-elemental typhoon breath! A wind breath so powerful that it produces a seismic shockwave that generates an up-heaving earthquake that follows as a burrowing explosive projectile! The dual elemental breath of both the burrowing earthquake and typhoon breath, upon collision with a target, will engulf its prey within a cyclone mushroom cloud explosion. Only the Core-Body is capable of using this ability.

((Devoured Flame: Fire God Incineration Breath: )) Having devoured universes, planets, and stars, the ancient kaiju has encountered many forms of resistance against its crown. Some of which, upon transcribed from ancient artifacts and lost mythology, allegedly came in the form of the divine such as gods and goddesses. Having defeated and devoured the Kami of Fire, Planitis is able to summon and breathe the hellish fire: Kagu-Tsuchi's flame!

The illuminating biblical stream breath is a monstrous raging fire that can melt and incinerate nearly all forms of matter with its flames. A power so terrible and destructive that it can even both match and devour any ionized energy, no matter the nature of it! All heads of Planitis are capable of utilizing this menacing power as a frightful projectile weapon, sharing the ability to stream mighty breaths of it in unison together or individually from each head.

(((Devoured Storm: Susanoo's Lightning))) --- Having devoured universes, planets, and stars, the ancient kaiju has encountered many forms of resistance against its crown. Some of which, upon transcribed from ancient artifacts and lost mythology, allegedly came in the form of the divine such as gods and goddesses. Having defeated and devoured the Kami of Storms, Planitis is able to bodily generate a thunder frenzy typhoon within the stratosphere above him! And from it, in a series of strikes, summon down Susanoo's lightning into its maw to then redirect as a barrage-firing oral weapon! 

This lavender raging lightning can be snaked and curved upon redirected firing, and even more terrifying, the storm god bolts can be unleashed in a barrage of multiple strikes! Its legendary power is capable of tearing holes through mountains with destructive force, and horrifically gash severe wounds into prey with electrifying devastation. It's a power considered to be Planitis's most powerful battle arsenal, employed only once his divine fury has reached fever pitch and quakes with tyrannical demand for returned anguish.

However, should Susanoo's Lightning ever cross with Kagu-Tsuchi's Flames, then brace for typhoon whirling extinction and fiery ruination. For upon contact with each other, both god powers will detonate biblical explosions so huge and engulfing, that the dust settles, all that will remain will be only city-wide craters and burning horizons.  While the Planitis Core Body acts as a conduit to self-generate and summon down the Storm God's power, all heads of Planitis can utilize Susanoo's Lightning, sharing with each other the ability to attack in unison or individually from each head. 

((((King's Call: Ancient Terraformation: )))) Releasing a gold spore shower of its very own scales and cells around its surrounding area, Planitis can overrule the natural order and terraform a massive fixed radius of its environment into a Planitis-nature landscape! Infesting all biological life that have made contact with its cells and mutating them into monstrous city stomping kaiju! Granting the ancient king a beastly army of 50-meter class kaiju to command and assist at his side, all with varying mutations, appearances, and abilities! Meanwhile the affected environment and its planet-life will mutate in emulation to Planitis, devolving into a prehistoric garden of carnivorous planet-eating forestation, and typhoon weathering calamity. A monstrous domain that will act and defend to the call of its ruling nature.

This ability, however, can only mutate and overwrite lifeforms and biospheres that are not in nature, essence, and biology a kaiju. An organism of equal physiology to Planitis, to that of a Kaiju, or is a monstrous being of similar nature, will remain unaffected by the spores in terms of being overwritten. However against challengers who are kaiju or monstrous beings, embedded in each one of Planitis's scale spores reside mana particles, particles that upon contact discharges an electric surge of mana energy that causes bodily paralysis. A paralysis that will remain in affect for hours, even days, depending on the size of the spore cloud and how much said foe had been exposed to it. This allows Planitis a cover of protection when terraforming a planet into a new kingdom and army, and temporarily before dormancy, even allow him to fight and or kill any challenging target in opposition.  

If this terraformed domain is not destroyed in a matter of days, then it will rapidly flourish and spread across the entire planet, ultimately and quite literally turning any infected world into a planet of monsters. Reviving the Age of the Ancients and placing Planitis as the dominate new order and rightful king once more. This terrifying technique leaves an enormous draining tax on Planitis's body and mana reserves, and despite having a 1 hour grace period of activity, requires a 72-hour dormancy to recover from its use. A risk that could potentially leave him open to attack, or even seed his own destruction by his enemies due to inactivity. 

(((((Monster Planet Release: The Conquering King - Ten Thousand Universe Bomb: )))))
 From its mana-core, channeling every universe consumed, every sun, planet, and star, to the conquering of ten thousand universes, Planitis can generate an all universe-ending mana supernova! Concentrated and fired from his chest, a golden sphere of absolute destruction that in comparison of size, completely eclipses the towering wonder known as Mt. Fuji, and is considered to be Planitis's ultimate and quite desperate weapon of last resort. While Planitis's body will be destroyed in the aftermath of its doomsday attack, its a fate that the King willingly embraces. For inside his body lies a Reincarnation Egg, an egg specifically designed to counter this deathly fate due to a specialized armored shell that resists mana-energy and many eradicating events. So that even in death, despite such grand-scale destruction, Planitis will live on and be reborn again!  This god-like technique can only be used every few thousand years, for after the ability has been used, Planitis must nurse back the collection of universes inside him and let their enslaved life-energies recover for future re-use. A recovery which will take much needed time, and many more new universes to devour in order to speed up the process. 

Kaiju Planitis Character Personality:

Kaiju Planitis (Planet-Form):
In its Planet-Form, Planitis exhibits no outward sign of thought, ideas, or emotion(with the exception being outrage to those who defy his rule or hunger). Its exhibits a nature similair to a waking disaster in that it is seemingly alienating and harbors no distinct character to read from. This is namely due to the fact that the core body and dominate head of Planitis, while in this state, is sealed within the flowerbud as an unshaped biomass. A state of inactivity due to critical low levels of assimilated fuel, a resource which empowers its mana-core and awakens its being. Until the core body's resurgence, therefore the resurgence of the kaiju's true nature and individuality, in its Planet-Form the great beast is a marching nightmare of pure instinct and calamity. With the only drive embedded into its mind being to invade, infest, consume, and bloom. To regain its power and thus regain its godly perfection once more. 

However while Planitis in its Planet-Form is frightening, once bloomed from its flowebud seal the true Kaiju Planitis (Bloomed) is a different living hellscape in its entirety!

Kaiju Planitis (Bloomed):
A divinity of tyranny and prehistoric destruction to its very core, Kaiju Planitis(Bloomed) is the mightiest and most formidable kaiju to have ever existed. The first of the ancients, and the original king of the strange-beasts. During its eons of almost invincible reign, it ruled any landscape that it walked with dominate ferocity and thunderous brutality. Dethroning any universe's nature that he invades as the dominate new order with its infectious terraforming presence, Kaiju Planitis has biologically rewritten and conquered many galaxies and planets. This tyrannical instinct to invade, destroy, and conquer stems from a godly physiology that hungrily demands constant sustainment of its kingly might and divine being. A demand which has caused whole extinctions of numerous universes, for after he has overwritten and conquered the invaded space, defeated its champions, and dethroned the space's natural order, Planitis then devours and assimilates all remnants into its being. 

Infusing its body with the crust of worlds ended and kingdoms fallen, while commanding the life force of billions of devoured Edens and assimilated warriors through its mana-powered core, Planitis exhibits a bizarre behavior to clad and forge its body with conquests won. Part of it stems from its ancient hunger of sustaining itself, but a massive take theorized by scientist is believed to be that like any King or God with a massive ego, that Planitis enjoys wearing and intimidating with showcases of its victories. With the beast wearing his invasions and battles like a suit of glorified destruction melded into divine armor. A prideful and frightful testament of its horrific reign across time. This not only informs opposition unfamiliar with the kaiju with an understanding of how outclassed they are, but also establishes a realization that like the rest before them, that they too will be fated to become part of him and be worn as trophies should they fall.

Despite serving as the tails and physical extension of its Plant-Form, each Orochi-Head of Planitis can act, think, and feel, all on their own accord. For while all heads of Planitis have a brain of their own, and are one and the same being, in its viciousness to remain the alpha king over all things, Planitis evolved to develop a unique god-like body for itself. Amazing and equally terrifying; every Orochi-Head of Planitis holds the ability to communicate, problem-solve, and simultaneously multi-task tactics of offense and defense in fluid synchronization with each other. All while connected to the core body and obeying the core body's will! This otherworldly evolution of mind and balance allows Planitis's core body the freedom to act, fight, and think on its own, all while still leading as the dominate head of the beast.  

Though that isn't to say that they get along perfectly all of the time, given their individual wills to act and think, the dominate-head of Planitis on occasion has to set his tails straight whenever they fuss over prey or step out of line. Usually with a mana-blast to the face and a firm scolding. The burden of a king with many horses.   

Nevertheless, such a unique immeasurable system of functionality enables Kaiju Planitis(Bloomed) to be both a formidable titan of instinct and the utmost ruinous cataclysm ever seen in all of existence. A transcendence which places him outside of nature's natural law, and definitively categorizing Planitis as a extinction-event that requires an absolute unity of forces in order to stand any chance of survival against him. 

Kaiju Planitis Character Origin Story:

Long before the dawn of man, and long before the thunder of monsters, in a time before gods and creation's wonders, there once ruled ancient beasts. Strange beasts. Otherworldly titans of primordial divinity, creatures of power, behemoths of might, and tyrants of destruction. And among the mightiest of them all, towering for eons untold across lands conquered and worlds dominated, there once ruled a King of the Strange Beasts....

A King destined to return once more, and make kneel all worlds beneath its conquering feet.

Planets, moons, and galaxies afar, around each garden of Eden, there snared hideous roots of scales and teeth. Their size eclipsed planets, their maws devoured suns, and in assimilated unison with its flesh did their bodies swallow whole every fiber of life. Weaving its roots across universes unbroken, clad in ruins of kings fallen and worlds conquered, centered in a webbing of destruction lurked an eldritch horror.

A grotesqueness flowerbud of grisly petals and horrid scales.

Feeding, expanding, maturing, with each devoured life the planetary flowerbud grew in biomass and strengthened in power. With the sealing of its closed petals tightening fiercely around the growing eldritch horror inside as it amassed its collection to shape its perfected form, the fated bloom of an unstoppable apocalypse threatened to arrive sooner each day. A horrid ancient, elder to before the void, a tyrant ruler of all things before, and of all things to come after. An ancient accursed with a frightful name from gods long forgotten and swallowed whole in its image.


Out in the endless darkness the abominable destruction traveled, sensing, searching, salivating for any detection of Creation and its flouring remnants. One more harvest was all it needed to attain perfection, to finally bloom its being, and bring forth a new resurgence of kaiju rule. A destined doomsday, a doomsday that was confronted in defiance by a lone celestial priestess who stepped in its way across the void.  Wrapped in decor of crystal-like robes, a lavender skinned female with raven colored frill-like hair and emerald green eyes, stood atop on the roof of a surviving warship in the coldness of space. Her tear-filled gaze glaring bravely at the monster who eradicated her world and ancient civilization. Held in her arms the humanoid female carried a mystical stone tablet. Biting her thumb the female spilled droplets of her eternal blood across the tablet's surface, implanting her essence inside while whispering a divine chant to the mystic item. Through her native tongue, the young priestess cast a telepathic recording. A recording of herself, the memory of her people, and finally a warning of the terrible end that was speeding towards her vessel with maws wide open. 

Embodied with the priestess’s word, the stone slab cracked into several pieces and scattered across the universe. With one lodging itself into the thick multiple-planet crust of the approaching beast, whom, in a matter of seconds swallowed whole the priestess and her ship. Joining her, her entire alien kingdom, and all that ever existed before with its entire being and image. 

A mistake. A costly mistake.

Slowly, scale by scale, petal by petal, the enormous destroyer’s body gradually became coated in thick frost, and then soon after a golden ice! Lost in confusion, agony, and rage, the kaiju tried fighting against the invasive ice but could find a determined source to destroy.  A source which did not stem from the outside but within. A ravenous unknown chemical weapon, a final fight from the priestess and her people, a last bid for the universal’s survival. Unable to weaponized the chemical into its planned weaponry given the destruction of her race, the priestess consumed the chemical before offering herself in sacrifice to the kaiju. Using her body as a Trojan horse for the ruinous weapon. In a tomb of gold and ice the subdued demon was broken from its universal webbing of roots, its abominable husk lift adrift in the coldness of space until crossing a mighty gravitational pull. 

Descending from the void over a Hadean planet, did in the tomb of ice crashed upon and fallen through. Plummeting down into planetary imprisonment of a world viciously young and monstrously wrathful. Falling further and further down a molten hellscape of engulfing magma, in its last moments of consciousness the fearsome kaiju witnessed the closing maw of its earthly prison, and from it was fuel with a maddening rage beneath its bones. To its imprisoning tomb, to the surviving stars, and to the remnants of the remaining universe, in rippling thunder felt across the entire cosmos did the kaiju howled one last roar of tyrannical fury.

Fallen it felled, and dormancy it was sentenced, but in its descent into darkness it sensed something, it was vague but present. Small, near-sightless, but flourishing numerously, throughout the planet the kaiju sensed seeds of Creation scattered wide and afar. Its fated bloom, it instinctively realized, was not deterred in the slightest. It remained unmoved and on course. Its ruling resurgence a destined return! It knew now what it had to do to retain its completion. It had to wait. Wait from Hell below.

In another time, another age, the universe it infested would be restored. No, more then that, it would be made better! Filled with bigger planets, brighter stars, and stronger life. A flourishing new garden to devour. A harvest that will not only grant it perfection, but also grant a power far greater than what it commanded in the past. 

As the fiery maw of the planet closed shut, sealing away the flowerbud within its earthly void, the hellish beast whispered to the planet and its universe; a frightful warning.

That this garden forge its mightiest champions, that this world unleashes its cruelest of titans. That all life that they bear; thin out the weak and stand only with the strongest. For when the day of the crimson bloom arrives, the day when time turns back to ages untold. To the defying crumbs whom may return, and the defying universe that stood against its crown, under its eclipsing birth will all be sentenced and damned.  

Damned to destruction. Damned to loss. Damned to complete and total annihilation. That under the crown of fire and ash, made land will their bones make, and made throne will their universe burn.  

So declared Planitis, The King of Strange Beasts. (END)


When you have a hero, you always believe that they're unstoppable or invincible, that they will always be there from the second you close your eyes. To the moment you wake up in the next morning. Like a daikaiju, they've been so strong and so tough for so long, that you believe that they'll be around forever. You become oblivious to things such as waning strength, aging, and their mortality. 

So eventually, you stop thinking about it, the next time when you'll ever see your hero again. Because deep down you never want to think of that painful day. The day when you have to say goodbye forever. 

Haruo Nakajima was the first and original Godzilla within the Toho franchise, the first King to stomp Japan and smash his way into the hearts of millions, forever making himself everlasting across generations over throughout the world. He was my hero, my childhood, and he is also one of my biggest inspirations in becoming the man that I am today. Many people have heroes, heroes who human-scaled, wear capes, and come from comics. But Nakajima wasn't like your ordinary hero, he wasn't small, nor did he wear a cape or come from comics. He was larger than life, huge, and towered over Japan in a rubber suit that could not be don on easily by any ordinary mortal.

Haruo Nakajima was an actor and icon that you say with confidence to anyone "Godzilla isn't fiction, he is real, he isn't the suit but the man inside the suit.". The Showa Era Godzilla was my entire childhood, the first films of Nakajima that I had own were "Godzilla, King of the Monsters", and "King Kong vs. Godzilla", both being on VHS. Those two films hold a special place in my heart for being my entry into the franchise and its cinematic wonders. I remember feeling captivated, awestruck, and amazed by Godzilla and the destruction that he left in his wake. How he was unstoppable, invincible, and could take on both man and monster alike, it was all just so incredible and mindblowing!! Plus I was into dinosaurs at the time(still am to this day!) and I couldn't help but fall in love with Godzilla more as I grew up.

But my very first film was G:KOTM, which I saw with my grandfather, it was during my cousin's birthday party but it was my first time meeting my huge extensive family. I was four at the time, and I didn't know anyone there, and I felt like I couldn't connect with anyone. I was a dinosaur lover, but a sports family usually doesn't do giant creature talks. Everyone except my Grandpa, who was a lover of giant creatures and dinosaurs just like me. And he was a Godzilla fan himself! Perhaps the first in my entire family.   
During the party he pulled me aside and whispered me to come upstairs after getting my piece of cake. So I did, and then he sat me down on the floor and played the VCR with the tape already in it. From that point on I was gone! I remember during the movie that I grabbed the VHS cover of KOTM, and just feeling transformed into a G-fan. 

The cover was inaccurate, it was a Godzilla VHS cover by "GoodTimes" and it had the 1973 Godzilla on the cover standing in tokyo-bay within a blue-ish purple background coloration. While the movie font popped out in bright green. Again inaccurate given that Godzilla in the movie was different than the one on the cover, but my 4-year old mind saw both incarnations as one character. One Godzilla. And that mindset carried on with each new film that I saw. 

Birthdays later I eventually attained "Godzilla vs. Monster Zero", "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster", "Godzilla vs. Megalon", and "Son of Godzilla". All of them I loved all because it introduced me to Toho's memorable and creative kaiju, and I wanted to dive deeper into its world and stories. And "Sea Monster" was a film that muscled into my top five when I was a kid, and it's still there today!

I also went to blockbuster several times when growing up, and I remember renting "Godzilla vs. The Thing", "Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster", "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla", and "Godzilla 1985". Those films were thrilling and exciting! But I also vaguely remember accidentally picking up "Godzilla 1985" and then getting scared to Hell by how terrifying the Heisei Godzilla was xD That was my introduction to the Heisei Series, but that's for another story for another time lol. Though that film didn't freak me out more than "War of the Gargantuans" did! That was fucking terrifying! xD  

Eventually my love and interest for Godzilla and the franchise grew bigger every year, and then I stumbled upon the Sci-fi Channel, ultimately discovering "Destroy All Monsters", "Godzilla vs. Hedorah", and "Godzilla vs. Gigan". Same year I was tossed unexpectedly into several Godzilla marathons on TNT "MonsterVision" and TBS Superstation. And of course, ultimately exposed to Trendmasters Godzilla toy commercials. So much exposure, so many marathons, all was just bliss and delightful kaiju madness! 

I still remember wanting an Godzilla films that I could find, and when traveling with grandpa to buy my cousin a gift for her 12th birthday, (which was a PS2 game of some title that I can't remember now.) he took me to the Science-Fiction section of "MEDIA PLAY", and showed me ROWS UPON ROWS of Godzilla VHS tapes! An entire section that had nothing but Showa-films and Heisei films. To an 11-year old G-fan that was like receiving a gift from God! My grandpa told me that Godzilla was still going on in Japan, still more stories and monsters to venture and view. And I remember him telling me to do what he couldn't, which was to collect them all and to collect any new films that releases overseas. Because sadly he wasn't going to be around much longer, and I was too young to be told that at the time. 

Haruo Nakajima's performance as Godzilla made me believe in the character, and that love for the icon made me find a deeper connection within my family. When my grandpa passed, I looked for inspiration in my mother but also in Nakajima. My mother inspired me to embrace compassion and understanding. But Godzilla? Nakajima inspired me to be a headstrong individual when growing up. To be strong, to never give up, and to always push forward even when you've been pushed back. To be larger than life even though you can't touch the skies. Godzilla and Nakajima also helped inspired me to find my creative side, and ended up becoming one of my biggest inspirations in wanting to draw dinosaurs and monsters. As well as learn science and paleontology. 

Ultimately I consider Nakajima to be my hero, he was like family to me, and his films always brighten my day even at their darkest. Days which were few but still needed light in them, and Haruo Nakajima was always there for me when those days came. 

So with all of this, you can imagine how tough it is to wake up into today's world, and knowing that your hero is no longer in it. Gone is the age of the Showa Era.

It breaks my heart and leaves me with a pain that is the same as losing a family member who has been with you for years. Family who has grown with you, inspired you, and made you strong. I don't think that I will ever get over this pain. But I believe that I can learn to live with it. I am happy that he got to live as long as he did, and got to see Godzilla and the franchise in good hands with both TOHO and Warner Bros/Legendary. 

Even better I am happy that he got to know many times over that he will be forever loved until the ends of time, and that he will always be original our hero and destroyer of worlds.

The seas are still and the cities have quieted, Haruo Nakajima is gone but he is still with us. Living within our hearts and our memories. And should we miss him, just like Godzilla and other daikaiju who refuse to stay down, he will always come back to life through the immortality of his everlasting films. You will be forever loved Haruo Nakajima, and I will miss you even though I can see you everyday, I will never forget you and the gifts that you've given me. Rest in peace well old friend, I know we'll meet again some sunny day.

Thank you for everything that you've done for me.
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