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Gormaru Gamma Radiation Concept! (Official)
GORMARU - Gamma Breath Analysis!!

Appearance: Fiery Plasma-Beam Construct With A Wide Stream and Reach
Obliterating Force: 112 Megatons of Force
Incinerating Power/Heat: 3.7 Million Degrees Fahrenheit 
Charge Time: 30 Seconds 

Collision Damage: Once the projectile collides with an obstacle or target, the breath attack destroys with matter incinerating heat and crater-making outward force. Engulfing all things in its path in destroying fiery plasma and explosive gamma radiation. If discharged with a 100% charge prior contact, a fully charged Gamma Breath collision will result in the detonation of an island-size mushroom cloud of eradicating plasma and radiation. 

Stationary Charge/Mobile Charge: Gormaru is adaptable enough to be able to charge the attack while both being mobile or stationary. However charging while being mobile stretches the charge time by ten more seconds. While being mostly stationary can sometimes cut the charge time by three or four seconds as it enables quicker focus and accumulation.

Damage Details: Gormaru's Gamma Breath is powerful to engulf and obliterate entire cities, hot enough to melt almost any existing matter, and radioactively destructive enough to leave mortal wounding radiation burns/injuring gashes.   
Frighteningly, Gormaru's Gamma Breath is a supercharged plasma matter gamma ray burst. Accumulating and combusting massive sessions of hydrogen-fusion within electromagnetic bio-chambers, Gormaru mutates reserves of his own gamma radiation to internally generate a bio-plasma gamma ray burst from inside his body. 

The plasma gamma ray burst is then channeled through a biological nuclear network of organic chambers, swelling up from his chest and gathered at the back of Gormaru's throat. The entire process illuminates Gormaru's non-armor flesh and veins within a fiery hellish glow, while at the same time exerting tremendous amounts of heat energy from all around his mountainous form. The heat generated is so overwhelming that Gormaru's very presence in this powering state can set ablaze scorching combustion to several miles of his very surroundings. Leaving both military and monster forces to think twice about attacking him head-on while in this state. 

Once the plasma gamma-ray-burst has gathered completely at the back of his throat, Gormaru's black coated maw will illuminate with a radioactive glow followed by lashing tongues of the brimming gamma ray burst. This ultimate detail signifies the completion of the Gamma Breath, which at his command is then discharged, obliterating all things in its way with an explosive 112 megatons of force, and incinerating all things with a temperature of 3.7 million Degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Gamma Breath's gamma ray burst breathes with the unique visibility of a fiery-plasma beam construct, and once the Gamma Breath's gamma ray burst has been diminished, the stream of the oral projectile will gradually run out of force and shrink in mass, with the dwindling stream fading back into Gormaru's throat and exhausting out into a plume of smoke. Once the weapon has been exhausted, Gormaru's body will slowly lose its blazing illumination and return back to normal.

UPDATE: Enlisted the official stats and details of Gormaru's Gamma Breath :D Had a LOT of fun doing it and finding the right power balance, will have to do more for the other Gormaru-Verse Monsters as well!)

The mountain of fire and fury!! Behold, before its terrible launch, The Gamma Breath! Plus an updated Gormaru's Gamma Radiation Concept by yours truly ^_^ And this will be the official depiction and illustration of Gormaru's gamma radiation and its bodily affects, as well as the illustration of the Gamma Breath(Before firing! :D ). It's really been a while since I had last posted up some work, and there's quite a bit of other work that I've done that are close to completion. Looking forward to putting those out there soon! 
Had a great Birthday today, really appreciated the kind wishes from friends and and warm celebration from loved ones! ^_^ Rocked out with Gormaru, some cake, and plenty of time off from work. It was a great day today!
Gormaru Profile and Profile Silhouette
Character designs of original creations are always built with heart, inspiration, and loads of creative time invested. However in a recent meet up with an old art-class mentor from college, and a friendly fun talk of art creativity and original IP, my old mentor said something that really stuck out to me. 

Any character IP can have an amazing design with tons of uniqueness and ideas built into itself, but even with that, that doesn't make it a solid IP or design automatically. Although it does definitely make a case for it. However what truly stamps the mark of a real solid design is if it has a unique profile silhouette, one that can stand out against all other IPs and ideas, all while being able to be seen as its own thing even during times of comparisons next to similar concepts. The profile silhouette must showcase the uniqueness of the character even while in shadow. 

I honestly took that wisdom of character creation to heart, and went out to make a "Profile Gormaru" and a "Profile Gormaru Silhouette". It's unbelievable that it has taken me this long to do something most IP creators would have already done within the first year of their OC's conception!! :D 

And also yeah, it's been a LONG while since I've done anything art-related :D Sorry about that folks! The island has been keeping me pretty busy, same with a recent full-time job that's been offering solid pay, so you know, been having less time to myself these past few weeks. But on my days off, I'll be making an effort to show more activity whenever possible! ^_^

(Gormaru Gamma Horror of the Deep (C) and artwork belongs to Me/R.D.D/Boogie209 ^_^ ) 

When you have a hero, you always believe that they're unstoppable or invincible, that they will always be there from the second you close your eyes. To the moment you wake up in the next morning. Like a daikaiju, they've been so strong and so tough for so long, that you believe that they'll be around forever. You become oblivious to things such as waning strength, aging, and their mortality. 

So eventually, you stop thinking about it, the next time when you'll ever see your hero again. Because deep down you never want to think of that painful day. The day when you have to say goodbye forever. 

Haruo Nakajima was the first and original Godzilla within the Toho franchise, the first King to stomp Japan and smash his way into the hearts of millions, forever making himself everlasting across generations over throughout the world. He was my hero, my childhood, and he is also one of my biggest inspirations in becoming the man that I am today. Many people have heroes, heroes who human-scaled, wear capes, and come from comics. But Nakajima wasn't like your ordinary hero, he wasn't small, nor did he wear a cape or come from comics. He was larger than life, huge, and towered over Japan in a rubber suit that could not be don on easily by any ordinary mortal.

Haruo Nakajima was an actor and icon that you say with confidence to anyone "Godzilla isn't fiction, he is real, he isn't the suit but the man inside the suit.". The Showa Era Godzilla was my entire childhood, the first films of Nakajima that I had own were "Godzilla, King of the Monsters", and "King Kong vs. Godzilla", both being on VHS. Those two films hold a special place in my heart for being my entry into the franchise and its cinematic wonders. I remember feeling captivated, awestruck, and amazed by Godzilla and the destruction that he left in his wake. How he was unstoppable, invincible, and could take on both man and monster alike, it was all just so incredible and mindblowing!! Plus I was into dinosaurs at the time(still am to this day!) and I couldn't help but fall in love with Godzilla more as I grew up.

But my very first film was G:KOTM, which I saw with my grandfather, it was during my cousin's birthday party but it was my first time meeting my huge extensive family. I was four at the time, and I didn't know anyone there, and I felt like I couldn't connect with anyone. I was a dinosaur lover, but a sports family usually doesn't do giant creature talks. Everyone except my Grandpa, who was a lover of giant creatures and dinosaurs just like me. And he was a Godzilla fan himself! Perhaps the first in my entire family.   
During the party he pulled me aside and whispered me to come upstairs after getting my piece of cake. So I did, and then he sat me down on the floor and played the VCR with the tape already in it. From that point on I was gone! I remember during the movie that I grabbed the VHS cover of KOTM, and just feeling transformed into a G-fan. 

The cover was inaccurate, it was a Godzilla VHS cover by "GoodTimes" and it had the 1973 Godzilla on the cover standing in tokyo-bay within a blue-ish purple background coloration. While the movie font popped out in bright green. Again inaccurate given that Godzilla in the movie was different than the one on the cover, but my 4-year old mind saw both incarnations as one character. One Godzilla. And that mindset carried on with each new film that I saw. 

Birthdays later I eventually attained "Godzilla vs. Monster Zero", "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster", "Godzilla vs. Megalon", and "Son of Godzilla". All of them I loved all because it introduced me to Toho's memorable and creative kaiju, and I wanted to dive deeper into its world and stories. And "Sea Monster" was a film that muscled into my top five when I was a kid, and it's still there today!

I also went to blockbuster several times when growing up, and I remember renting "Godzilla vs. The Thing", "Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster", "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla", and "Godzilla 1985". Those films were thrilling and exciting! But I also vaguely remember accidentally picking up "Godzilla 1985" and then getting scared to Hell by how terrifying the Heisei Godzilla was xD That was my introduction to the Heisei Series, but that's for another story for another time lol. Though that film didn't freak me out more than "War of the Gargantuans" did! That was fucking terrifying! xD  

Eventually my love and interest for Godzilla and the franchise grew bigger every year, and then I stumbled upon the Sci-fi Channel, ultimately discovering "Destroy All Monsters", "Godzilla vs. Hedorah", and "Godzilla vs. Gigan". Same year I was tossed unexpectedly into several Godzilla marathons on TNT "MonsterVision" and TBS Superstation. And of course, ultimately exposed to Trendmasters Godzilla toy commercials. So much exposure, so many marathons, all was just bliss and delightful kaiju madness! 

I still remember wanting an Godzilla films that I could find, and when traveling with grandpa to buy my cousin a gift for her 12th birthday, (which was a PS2 game of some title that I can't remember now.) he took me to the Science-Fiction section of "MEDIA PLAY", and showed me ROWS UPON ROWS of Godzilla VHS tapes! An entire section that had nothing but Showa-films and Heisei films. To an 11-year old G-fan that was like receiving a gift from God! My grandpa told me that Godzilla was still going on in Japan, still more stories and monsters to venture and view. And I remember him telling me to do what he couldn't, which was to collect them all and to collect any new films that releases overseas. Because sadly he wasn't going to be around much longer, and I was too young to be told that at the time. 

Haruo Nakajima's performance as Godzilla made me believe in the character, and that love for the icon made me find a deeper connection within my family. When my grandpa passed, I looked for inspiration in my mother but also in Nakajima. My mother inspired me to embrace compassion and understanding. But Godzilla? Nakajima inspired me to be a headstrong individual when growing up. To be strong, to never give up, and to always push forward even when you've been pushed back. To be larger than life even though you can't touch the skies. Godzilla and Nakajima also helped inspired me to find my creative side, and ended up becoming one of my biggest inspirations in wanting to draw dinosaurs and monsters. As well as learn science and paleontology. 

Ultimately I consider Nakajima to be my hero, he was like family to me, and his films always brighten my day even at their darkest. Days which were few but still needed light in them, and Haruo Nakajima was always there for me when those days came. 

So with all of this, you can imagine how tough it is to wake up into today's world, and knowing that your hero is no longer in it. Gone is the age of the Showa Era.

It breaks my heart and leaves me with a pain that is the same as losing a family member who has been with you for years. Family who has grown with you, inspired you, and made you strong. I don't think that I will ever get over this pain. But I believe that I can learn to live with it. I am happy that he got to live as long as he did, and got to see Godzilla and the franchise in good hands with both TOHO and Warner Bros/Legendary. 

Even better I am happy that he got to know many times over that he will be forever loved until the ends of time, and that he will always be original our hero and destroyer of worlds.

The seas are still and the cities have quieted, Haruo Nakajima is gone but he is still with us. Living within our hearts and our memories. And should we miss him, just like Godzilla and other daikaiju who refuse to stay down, he will always come back to life through the immortality of his everlasting films. You will be forever loved Haruo Nakajima, and I will miss you even though I can see you everyday, I will never forget you and the gifts that you've given me. Rest in peace well old friend, I know we'll meet again some sunny day.

Thank you for everything that you've done for me.
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United States
Greetings to everyone who views my page! My name is R.D.D(Boogie209)/Gormaru Omega(FB)! I am the IP creator and seal approved copyright owner of the IP Character/Property "Gormaru"(Also known as "Gormaru, Gamma Horror of the Deep"). As well as the creator and IP owner of the GORMARU series and its Giant Monster Characters:

Gormaru, Gamma Horror of the Deep (C) Me
Oggre, The Abominable Beast (C) Me
Terrorok, The Predator of Old (C) Me

Zsaborfang, The Titan Smilidon (C) Me
Haibuu, Queen of the Deadly Hive (C) Me
Beast-King-Konggor, Primal King of the Lost World (C) Me

Kuucalli, The Giant Warrior of Humanity (C) Me
Krakuloch, Ravager of the Seven Seas (C) Me
Alien Pompeiina, Destroyer From Dimension Zero (C) Me

GluttJaw, The Three Headed Tar-Blob (C) Me
Robo-Gormaru, Cosmic Horror of the Void (C) Me
Vilenoc, The Venomous Terror (C) Me

I am also the creator and admin of the facebook page "Gormaru Island", a community hub themed around my Gormaru Series, and a safe place for kaiju fans to enjoy fun kaiju content, multimedia, news, and coverage, on all things giant monster related.

I am also the IP creator and owner of my Boogeyman OC "Mr. Nobody" and his story "Tales of Hollow Dusk"


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