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Salutations, friends!

Boofka here, just checking in! I've not had any time to devote to symbiotic projects in several months! Hopefully, one day I'll return to writing them... maybe. 

But, in the mean time, I've been doing some recent work on the HeroMachine3 character generators, and made some designs for the characters in my stories that I just uploaded as images here to DeviantArt! I think you'll see that there are a couple of designs in particular that are tied to She-Venom trying on an object from a famous's 90's comedy-movie, and that I'm playing around with the concepts that entails... Who knows, you might see a story with that very concept up here one day...? ;)

(There is also probably a Black Widow-symbiote design that will be uploaded in the next few days, so if you like what I uploaded today, stay tuned for that!)
Hey guys!

So, I'm excited to announce that I will be launching a new female-symbiote-centric fan fiction over the next few days called Spider-Man: She-Venomous!

This story is an alternative to the events of Marvel Knights Spider-Man #6, #7 and #8. The premise of those issues involves Angelo Fortunato, the awkward 18-year-old son of Don Vincente Fortunato, a prominent Mafia don in the Marvel universe. Eddie Brock decides to sell the Venom symbiote, and Don Fortunato is the highest bidder. He gives it to his son Angelo, who becomes the symbiote’s host. In my version, it will be a daughter named Angelica, who comes up with more devious behavior than her Earth-616 counterpart once she inherits the Venom mantle.

I'm excited for you all to see this new story!

The prologue and first three chapters of this new story should be up in the next day or two, followed by chapter 4 shortly after that. I'm hoping to finish it quickly! Basically, if you liked any of the Symbiotic Boots/Booted Beauty stories, you're gonna love Black Widow's Sexy New Symbiotic Catsuit!

Also, while I'm delighted to have so many fans from around the world who are anxious to read my work, I have to ask that you please don't ask me about the status of Black Cat, Black Boots or She-Venom vs. Booted Beauty. I'm beginning to regret even promising those stories in the first place...

Short version: I MAY get around to writing them EVENTUALLY, but I've grown a little tired of the Symbiotic Boots series and the break I take from it may be longer than I originally expected.

Instead, I wrote this because I just kept on thinking about this idea of Black Widow's catsuit being a symbiote and had to write it. It was such a sexy idea that I couldn't wait to write it down. It was nice to write something female-symbiote-related that wasn't about boots for once!

As always, I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Hey everybody!! I'm so incredibly sorry for the long delay in getting chapters of Symbiotic Boots 2 out there for you to read. My life has been incredibly busy. However, things are going pretty easy at the moment, so I will be ready to bring you some awesome content in the near future. Symbiotic Boots 2 is the most ambitious story I have planned yet, even with the future installments I'm working with under consideration, so there is a lot to get excited about. So, hopefully now there will be less of a delay in getting content out to you guys. As always, the best is yet to come... ;)

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the delay in the much-anticipated Chapter 2. My life is crazy busy, so unfortunately I won't be able to have Symbiotic Boots 2 finished as soon as I thought it would be. That means I'll be adding more chapters far less frequently, and at this time I'm unsure of when it'll be finished. I'm sorry for this, but there is still no change to the actual content of the material. There's still a lot to look forward to, and I hope to bring it to you as soon as I can!
The prologue and chapter one are about to be uploaded very shortly! Thank you for your patience, everyone who has been waiting on pins and needles for the next installment. It promises to be the most ambitious story yet!
Hey guys, so college is kind of running my life right now, so I know I haven't updated in over a month. I'm sorry, I expected to be fully done with The Booted Beauty Chronicles by this point. The good news is there are only two installments of TBBC to go, and neither should be very hard to write, and the epilogue will be very short. I imagine I'll finish The Booted Beauty Chronicles when I have the time, so expect to see it finished by the time November rolls around.

As for Symbiotic Boots 2, I'm aiming for a January 2013 rollout. (Assuming the Mayan apocalypse doesn't happen before then.) Symbiotic Boots 2 is way more ambitious than it initially started out, so there is a lot, and I mean a lot to look forward to.

So sorry for the delay, but hopefully I'll be producing some new content within the coming weeks and months ahead.
And Boofka's next female symbiote story is....


I know a lot of you are waiting on pins and needles for Symbiotic Boots 2, but this was a story I thought needed to be told to set up Symbiotic Boots 2. Don't worry, this series is gonna be a lot of fun, and there's going to be a lot of cool content coming up in the next couple of chapters.

Also, if anyone is interested in making a preview image for the series, the way DCArtwerks did for Symbiotic Boots, please let me know. Again, it'd have to be free, but I would really appreciate it.
Hello all! Well, Symbiotic Boots is all wrapped up now, and I'm looking forward to my next project. It won't be here for another couple of weeks, as college is starting up again and I need to get back into the swing of things, but I do want your help in helping me decide the next story.

Now, all three of these options will be written EVENTUALLY. What I want to know is what you want to see next! Personally, I could go ahead and write any of them. But I want your input! So, here are your choices:

1) Symbiotic Boots 2: The straight up sequel to Symbiotic Boots, again featuring MJ as the Booted Beauty. When her boots begin to reproduce, the spawn of MJ's boots attach themselves to a new female symbiote host. Will this new female hero help MJ destroy the clasic Marvel villain that wants the power the boots possess, or will the symbiote instinct to kill be too great...? I can't give exact figures on how many parts it would be, but it would probably as long, if not longer, than Symbiotic Boots 1.

2) The Booted Beauty Chronicles: Another sequel to Symbiotic Boots, but one that would bridge the gap between Symbiotic Boots 1 and 2. Taking up her new mantle as the newer, tamer Booted Beauty, Mary Jane continues to batte crime on the streets of New York. But when a new mutant supervillainess seems to be feeding on beauty of pretty girls, and seems to be obsessed with the Booted Beauty and her symbiotic boots, how will MJ survive...? I imagine this series would probably be 5-6 parts, so slightly shorter than Symbiotic Boots.

3) Symbiotic Khaleesi: A 3-part crossover featuring symbiotes in the universe of the hit TV show, Game of Thrones. After the death of her husband, Khal Drogo, Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen becomes the Mother of Dragons after her dragon eggs hatch. But one egg, completely black, did not. The secret of what is inside this egg will change Daenerys forever by offering her a secret power that could allow her to take control of Westeros once and for all...

Be sure to comment and let me know what YOU want to see next! Also, again, if anyone is an artist or knows an artist who wants to provide free commissions based on Symbiotic Boots, please contact me.

Thanks a bunch!
Would anyone be willing, or know anyone who would be willing, to do a drawing based on Symbiotic Boots?

I can't pay anything as I am a broke college student, but I'm really hoping one of the fans of the series would be interested in doing some free art work based of it.

Also, part 3 will be up VERY soon, and I'm pretty proud of it so far. It's the longest chapter, and it's definitely the sexiest chapter I've written... until part 4 gets written, that is... ;)