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Symbiotic Boots
Part 1: Escape from Oscorp
by Boofka

"Somebody better have a good explanation for what just happened here!" said Mr. Denzen furiously. A vein in his forehead was known to bulge when he got especially angry, and it was doing exactly that right now.

A short, slinder boy with thick glasses who couldn't have been more than 30 jogged over to Denzen after looking at a computer monitor.

"Umm, sir, if you come this way, I can explain everything."

Denzen walked towards the computer monitor, and as he did, the boy, whose name was Jake, explained the situation.

"Well, sir, as you know, Oscorp has been developing a super suit based on the symbiotes."

Denzen nodded. By this time they were near the computer monitor. Jake sat down and typed something in quickly, and a graphic popped up on the computer. It displayed a featureless man rotating 360 degrees to show every angle.

"We took samples from every symbiote currently still with us, and well as a few samples we had in storage of others that have since been neutralized. The idea was to make a super suit for the US military, one that would have the potential to protect our troops, add extra room for guns and ammo that wouldn't weigh down the soldier, and would increase their abilities in the field."

This time, Denzen did not nod. He merely studied the graphic and the rotating man on the screen.

Jake typed in some more code, and various gooey clothes-pieces began attaching themselves to the featureless man. "The idea was that each part of the US military uniform would be manufactured with our symbiotic technicians. First combat boots, then pants, then shirt, then helmet, and finally a backpack. That way, our soldiers would have a bulletproof, orangic uniform with plenty of room and none of the burden of carrying heavy machinery across long distances since the symbiote would carry a lot of that weight. It was also believed that this would help the soldiers jump higher, run faster, be stronger, aim faster and more accurately, and other desirable effects on the battlefield."

Denzen nodded.

Jake typed another code into his computer, and up popped a video. In it, a transparent bucket was filled with black ooze that could only be symbiotic.
"We had made significant progress on most aspects of the project. Symbi-Shirts and Symbi-Pants were almost completed with no major complaints. Hell, the Pentagon even signed off on them. But we had the most difficulty with the boots."

The video continued to show a scientist pressing buttons, causing the black goo to readjust itself into a boot-like shape, only to dissolve back into its liquid form mere seconds later.

"We couldn't get it to form a boot the way we wanted. So, umm," Jake was nervous and cautious as he revealed the next part to his boss, "embeded more the Venom DNA into the symbiotic goo. See, the way the symbi-shirts work is that they are made from the same substance as the symbiote. But, we took out all other symbiotic biological processes, like feeding on its host, reproduction and... personality."

Jake continued. "So, what the shirt and pants are made of is the same substance with some of the added perks of being a symbiote host with none of the drawbacks. We don't want a legion of symbiotes, we want a legion of American soldiers.

"The theory was if we added more of the DNA of Venom, the symbiote that possessed Spider-Man, it would force the symbiote-like substance we were working with to actually form the boot."

Jake pulled up two videos. The first depicted a scientist dropping a serum into the black symbiote-like substance, and the second was that same substance forming into two combat boots, and staying that way rather than dissolving after a few seconds. In the video, scientists around the boots are cheering.

"The idea was a success. They turned into boots and stayed that way."

Denzen crossed his arms. "But...?"

Jake pulled up another video. This showed the two black, gooey combat boots forming a single entity, jumping out of the container and slowly crawling to an AC vent by using multiple tendrils to stick to the floor and the wall..

Jake swallowed hard. "Apparently, we gave it to much of a DNA template that resembled a real symbiote. We didn't have anything protecting it because we didn't think we needed it. It is, or rather, was, an inanimate object, for Christsake! But, it escaped early in the morning when no one was in the office, and we only discovered it this morning."

Denzen closed his eyes and breathed heavily. "Chance of retrival?"

"Minimal, sir, minimal. You see, if it is acting like this already, it could theoretically attach itself to a host. In that case, it could have attached itself to a bird and flew a thousand miles away by now."

"And what, dare I ask, will happen if it attaches itself to a human?"

Jake gulped. "They might be a more tame version of a symbiote, but essentially, as deadly and unpredictable as any of the others."

Denzen half smiled. "Well, at least there's one positive in this shitty situation."

"What's that, sir?"

"If it does attach itself to a human, we'll know, which means we can get it back."

Denzen walked away, and Jake watched the escape footage again, stunned and ashamed.

Part 1 of a new series that I'm working on, which combines my love of female symbiotes with my rain boot fetish.

This part mostly just sets up the idea of the symbiotic boots, where they came from, and why they do what they do. I plan on expanding this story quite a bit, and while this chapter is pretty tame, the next couple of chapters will feature a lot more adult content. So, be forewarned. Lemme know what you think about this chapter, I am working on Chapter 2 as fast as I can! Don't worry, I want to write it as much as you guys want to read it.

Venom, Oscorp, Symbiotes, Mary Jane, Spider-Man and all other characters are copyrighted by Marvel
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