Contest Info

*If you have some spare points please donate them to :iconcutegirl1919: :heart: *

*** RULES ***
-draw a girl as a TIGERGIRL
-can be a kemonomimi tigergirl or a tiger anthro female! Must be mostly humanoid body though.
-no usual catgirl, no other kemonomimis. only tigergirls! normal tiger colors (orange/ black stripes) or white tiger colors (white/ black stripes) allowed
-drawings/ paintings/ 3d artwork only
-original or fanart
-only girl(s), no boys on contest submission allowed
-only one drawing for contest per member, only one girl per contest entry
-any pose but at least one boobie has to be visible
-mature content allowed
-violence, vore, gore, bongade and other fetishes not allowed
-must be colored
-background is optional
-must follow other group rules (if not stated here)

-must be a member to enter
-must be a new submission created for this contest
-must write in artists comments about this group contest and leave link to contest or group icon
-submit to gallery folder 'tigergirl contest'

*** END DATE ***
31st of MAY 2011

*** PRIZE LIST ***
:star:1st place
3 month sub from CuteGirl1919
feature from boobies-love
chibi from tshuki
one char, no background, simple color artwork from Arqueart

:star:2nd place
feature from boobies-love
chibi from tshuki

:star:3rd place
feature from boobies-love
chibi from tshuki

please donate prizes, you can still join the contest!!
thank you for donating! ^^



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