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Some of you may know that I recently started on a grad program at College of the Atlantic, a very unique, tiny college in northern Maine surrounded by amazing scenery.

I've been somewhat slow at replying to people since term started because it's been so busy, with suddenly so much going on around me so i just want to say: What an amazing first three weeks!

I'm super excited about projects and classes coming up, have met some lovely people doing awesome things and already feel like I am a part of the community. It's totally a world away from any other university experience! It's still hard being so far from home (after trying so hard to get back last couple of years), but I do really feel like I'm getting into doing the things I really want to be doing, and that's a really fantastic feeling.

So hopefully I'll be posting a lot more interesting stuff in the coming months, and rest assured I'll do some replying on and off too, it'll just be a bit more sporadic.
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I'm very happy to hear it. Even relieved. (Did I tell you so? I don't remember, but I feel like I did, so :phew: on that one)
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thanks :hug:

It's going to be one hell of a crazy, interesting ride, this grad course, I think :)
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Waitaminute, since when do you emocyberhug?

I think it sounds pretty awesome! Since you're geared for output processing, it seems like heavy doses of stimulus like this are pretty necessary.

I'm excited for you. I also want to hear all the unusual details.
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wait, since when did that hug emote become emo?
I use it on and off - usually more or less depending on how often the person I'm talking to use emotes themselves, but I was touched by your relief so you get one anyway.
Oh I've got so much to tell you! A note is in the works.
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"Emo" was short for emote in that weird word chimera.

Fair 'nough.

:hug: accepted and reciprocated.