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So guess what!  My stories about endangered animals app, The Animals You Don't Know, is LIVE on the app store!
Download it for free by clicking below (iPad only, I think), to get a preview of the book (and if you like what you see, why not download the rest of the story!).


A quarter to a half (still in negotiation of percentage) of my profits from sales will go to the London Zoological Society's EDGE of Existence charity that supports conservation efforts for endangered species all over the world.

Story two, about a lonesome Bali starling will hopefully be available in month or so (not quite sure how I'm going to pull that off, but I'm going to try).

IN OTHER NEWS: big graphic novel project also potentially getting started!  Watch this space :excited:
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YAY TO YOU!!! :iconcheerplz: :w00t: :dance: :boogie: ....No books about THING?..... :lol: ;) :hug:
bonzaialsatian's avatar

nothing about thing yet...


ErnestAbacus's avatar
... I have an android phone.
bonzaialsatian's avatar

actually, so do I :p
ErnestAbacus's avatar
I like it. It doesn't have the peppy touch interface of an iPhone, but it's got a rather larger app market and is more customizable. And mine is huge.
bonzaialsatian's avatar
One of those half-tablet things? I've been eyeing the Note for a while, waiting for them to make one that will actually be a viable graphic design tool... (pressure sensitive stylus!!! *drool*)

I just wrote you a long message. My wrist is starting to hurt because of spiders so I think I will call it a night.

"It's a night."
ErnestAbacus's avatar
Not one of those, although that would be awesome. I have the Samsung Galaxy S II. The last version of that to come out before the SIII. It's big. So is my laptop. It's all about screen. (Since I do video stuff.)
Pressure sensitive stylus is the way of the future.

Your wrist is starting to hurt because of spiders? You really oughtn't leave after dangling that in front of me. Were you playing with them and pretending that your hand was their mother?

Ha ha ha.
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Haha, oh, I actually explained in the note. But I like your explanation better.
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Big graphic novel project?
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