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Refresh (Illustration Friday)

Nothing like jumping in the rain in this heat. I jogged the three mils to the nearest cafe yesterday, and nearly passed out in the heat - and nearly broke into people's gardens to jump in their swimming pools.

Oh, and the picture's available as a print on etsy here: [link]

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Hi there, I can't seem to find 'Refresh' anywhere - not on Etsy or on the link you've provided.
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This is great! More like this!! Clap 
All of your work - i'm a fan. You're talented! Thanks so much for uploading and sharing your work with us. You're inspiring.
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Thanks very much, I'm so happy you like my work :)
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Lovely!  Just looking at it makes me happy! :D
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Awe cute! looks great! )
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No problem nwn~
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gah... this is too cute~ :la:
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Great expressions! :)
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thanks :) I was going for soaked but exuberant.
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I really like this stuff. I also just like things that feel like playing in water. Are they going over a waterfall, or just dancing in liquid jail?
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I was worried about the liquid jail look part way through doing this, although the foxes seem unperturbed by it so I guess it isn't a problem.

I'm actually surprised how much attention this one is getting. Makes me think I need to do more almost accidental splatter paintings... (also makes me despair slightly at ever being able to do natural, fun looking paintings that're also *planned* for kids books)
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It's dynamic. That's what's cool about it. You tapped into the motion of things well and compensated for any accidents with a cool energy.

I think... I think you have a knack for fluid motion in pictures. When you depict daydreams they feel unfoldy, when you depict meetings they seem directional and full of potential energy. Going with that is, I think, a good thing. (I totally get that... but maybe you're thinking about it in a non-constructive way. Maybe you should free yourself up from doing color and form together, and look at them as separate projects. Planning is important, but within the plan you can do a lot of creative things, and creativity is largely just a bunch of neural accidents anyway. So... what's the rate at which happy accidents occur and get utilized well, and could you angle them towards a subject or a theme? From there it is a plan. Inventors get this way all the time, as do the writers of movie scores.)
bonzaialsatian's avatar
thank you. it really does mean a lot to me that you think that (both because I value your opinion, and also because I feel I can count on you to be honest). I guess the energy thing partly depends on what I'm drawing (how confident I am with drawing it) and what I'm feeling at the time, but it is also confidence... anyway, thanks.
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I suggest, that if you haven't got the confidence in the shape of the thing, or the color scheme, or something else that's craft, you might consider aiming mostly for energy. Which means getting a bit interpretive. It might not always work if you're drawing for writers. They can get a little myopic about their visions. (but it's rare that writers have the experience or time to direct an illustrator directly towards what's in their heads. Therefor it is rarely even a good idea to try. This is not always true, but generally I think that the finished work should reflect the two influences ... creatively I mean... equally.) If you haven't got confidence in the spirit of things, well for you I don't recommend just going to craft. That's not the part that makes you special. (except for your weird color palette. Which is pretty rad if you asked me) I would go for content. Lots of it. Where's Waldo that noise! You're smart and creative, so I expect that would give you insight.

Again, I'm talking like an authority on things that are you, and that I have no personal experience with, sheesh.
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Haha, weird colour palette? Would it disillusion you horribly if I told you I just tend to use the same colours in the same watercolour set all the time? (I even buy the same one repeatedly because I've found other sets make me feel uncomfortable)

Hey, no personal experience? I think at least the fact that you look at pictures, and know what you enjoy, or what works - and can convey it - already makes it valuable feedback.
ErnestAbacus's avatar
No disillusionment, actually that sort of fits (I had a lot of trouble just now typing the word 'fits.' I started with 'tits,' then 'fots,' and then 'fiats.') my view. I think that I was using the term palette to mean sense, but since it is, in fact, the same palette and your sense, it's easy to just call it a palette.

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Really neat design, good work.
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Thanks Mr C. Page (hey, I don't actually know what your first name is)!
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Very nice piece, the vertical lines and three different levels for the foxes make it very intriguing to the eye.
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Thanks for your comment! I was worried that the water dribbles would get too over the top or wash out the foxes, so I'm glad they came out ok.
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They have so much fun :)
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