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Assassin bugs and a sinister mystery...

Trying out some new techniques.
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This is a stylistic departure. It harkens back to an older nature illustration style, but also has a mid-nineties mythic fantasy flavor.

Mostly I like the colors and composition, but that makes sense since I like cameras.
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Oh hey!  You still exist!  ...although admittedly I'm hardly on dA these days so I guess the question might equally be whether *I* still exist (on here at least).

My style's changed quite a bit lately.

Hope you're well :)  I've missed the repartee from time to time.
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You missed the time-to-time repartee, or from time-to-time you missed the repartee?

Yes I still exist here, though quietly. I now binge every week or so.

Your style has changend. It's interesting how the added natural elements makes your stuff seem more mystic. Did you join the tumblr exodus of 2012?
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Haha, I think I've been on tumblr longer than that... though I may be wrong.  I just got to a point where I was running a facebook page and twitter/instagram, and I was getting more work-like stuff from them than from dA.  It also started feeling a lot more clunky uploading to dA than to any of the other platforms.

I'm trying to make it as a full time freelance illustrator now, so let me know if you spot any comfortable-looking cardboard boxes for me to live in in a few months time.

Missing repartee - both.
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There's this cardboard box not too far from where my aunt lives that several homeless people live in. Well... they are all actually just one. See, the box is a sort of time elevator that can be controlled by sharpee illustrations of buttons and such. It has a temporal range between 1986 and 2023, but you can't exit it after 2018 because it's covered in rubble. I think the fellow who lives in it figured that to be the end of the world, so he has been living his whole life looping between the '86 and '18. He saw this one Motorhead concert, like, 57 times. He got into a fight with himself there. 



What have you been most proud of so far in freelance town?