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Visual Chunk 1.8

By Bonsewswesa
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Font used for "Original Font" skins is VCR OSD Mono. I did NOT create it and you need to download that yourself. If you use the Arial version you don't need VCR.
This suite is around 4MB when installed.
Previous versions available here:…

New in Version 1.8:

- Added reformatted versions of all skins/modules to fit with Arial font.
- Also updated original font skins.
- Included "Album Art - Disco" Player variant.
- Fixed alignment of background for Notes menu.
- Added drive detection on all drive storage skins, will now display "NO DRIVE DETECTED" when the assigned drive is not detected. Right clicking the "X" on undetected drives opens the settings menu. Right clicking the drive names/amounts will open that drive in an explorer window.
- Added "VCMini" folder for experimental smaller versions of selected skins.
- Added "All Drives" variants to System Stats\Extra Drives.
- Added histograms for RAM, SWAP and a test for Drive Usage.
(((If you do use the Drive Usage histogram, please let me know if it works properly for you or not.)))
- Added Half-Height histograms.

As always, please let me know if you have any technical problems with the suite.
© 2017 - 2021 Bonsewswesa
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Thank you for making this. This is the rm skin I've been wanting. Cool balance between retro and modern.
edit: for some reason, the progress bar isn't loading would you know why? i uninstalled my Spotify plugin and this skin then reinstalled Spotify  first then the skin but still no luck
No Bar. by Azzilll
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As listed in the settings menu, spotify is only partially supported by rainmeter. The only displayable info is artist/track name.
ah ok thanks a bunch sorry about that 
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Hello, I have almost zero experience with this. How can I put the processes in the dropdown menus? I was able to change the names but I can't get the processes to work.
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1. Run the program you want to use.
2. Open task manager, select the Processes tab, find your program's .exe name and use that
(If on Windows 10, you need to right-click your program in task manager and select Properties, the .exe name should be in the text box at the top of the General tab. You can also enable process names by right-clicking one of the categories and ticking "Process Names")
3. Put the process name into the appropriate process text box in the settings menu
4. Make sure you don't leave out the .exe at the end of the process name.

Remember that the .exe name isn't going to have any spaces and often can have a different name to the actual program name.

An alternative way to do this is to just go into the install folder of your program, find the main .exe file and copy that name, though many modern programs have multiple .exe files or even a web/updater launcher instead of opening the program directly so the task manager is a good way to find out which one is correct if you're not certain.
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Oh my god, I am an idiot thank you. I just have one more question; can I modify the size of the menus and the font? I think I might need to edit the code for that.
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You can (editing the .ini files) but the positions of many skin elements are tied to the font/font size, so using a different font will likely break the visuals without a lot of manual changes. The only easy way to use another font would be to swap to either Arial/Original depending on what you're using now, though for Original to display properly you'll need the VCR OSD Mono font installed.
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Any chance of adding more extra drives? I have five internal and one external (six total), my workaround at the moment is to use 1.8 and 1.7 simultaneously to show them all.
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Added 5/6 drive variants and single drive variants (for 1 through 6) to the 1.9 list.
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Cheers, man. Keep up the great work <3
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This is by far my favorite skin package on Rainmeter - seriously, proper good stuff making and maintaining this
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small problem: CPU histogram core count is incorrect.
(I have i5-2500K CPU, which has 4 cores total but core 3 and 4 shows the same percentage (which the notes says those cores doesn't exists - except it does))
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I actually have a computer with that CPU and it does the same thing, from some looking-up I found that the i5-2500K doesn't use multi-threading, so the skin was giving a readout for all 4 cores but with bad formatting. (showing cpu core 2 instead of cpu core 1 thread 2 for example)

Thanks for telling me, I've added single-thread cpu histograms to the to-do list for 1.9.
This Rmskin is fucking amazing.
Cant wait for Visual chunk 1.9I am a dummy! 
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