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Duck En Grey - Quacken 2007

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Shot taken from Duck En Grey's infamous concert at the 2007 Quacken festival. Was an awesome concert, they played Dead Grebe and Agitated Screams Of Mallards, among others.

I'd sworn to myself to never ever make a rock Duck again, but after listening to Vinushka ten times per day... who am I kidding? I love Dir En Grey and am pretty embarrassed I found my entire DEG collection at the local charity shop for next to nothing. Will make it up to them next time they perform near here.

None of the Duck versions have names yet, since I'm not familiar with Japanese aviary terms, but from left to right are Kaoru, Toshiya, Kyo Shinya, Die. They were drawn in the order Kyo Shinya Die Toshiya Kaoru. Drum kits are naturally the most troublesome to draw, especially with most of Shinya's notable features either hidden or unable to translate to duck form. For Kyo I had to make some amendments. He's missing his ear piercings for obvious reasons. The amount of tattoos in general is a lot lower since they're pretty nasty to draw, particularly on duckies. Some of the shoes were invented. Most of the blacks were turned to some sort of grey, except for Die's wrist bands.  There's a reason why Kyo's microphone is shaped like an ice-cream. I'll admit one of the reasons for picking out Wacken 2007 as benchmark is Kyo's yellow sneakers, since I wear yellow sneakers myself.

Some errors were made, let's call the inaccuracies between this drawing and real life "creative bending" for now, but there was no excuse for the lining errors on Kaoru (got rid of that one) and Kyo (still visible, sorry Kyo!)

This picture doesn't exist in real life, Kaoru and Toshiya didn't fit on the paper anymore, so I threw them together in GIMP.

Finally, I'd like to offer my humble apologies for this to all DIR EN GREY - fans who are offended by this work, and of course my apologies to the band themselves.

And the first one to kall Kyo-duck kawaii gets five up the hooter.

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