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Guys, its been forever!  I can't remember when I last submitted a piece!

A lot has been happening on my end.  Of course, the usual take up my time: school, work, homework, and working out.  Reach was part of that but Black Ops just came

Anyway, sadly, I haven't been focusing on my writing too much but it will get its due attention.  Art has been my main priority!  With 2D design, Intro to digital composition, and Drawing 1, my views on art have changed drastically.  All this specifically thanks to drawing 1, which has allowed me to start drawing in a more intimate manner.  I've been doing more realistic pieces with soft pastel and have found a medium I enjoy using.  Anyway, I also have great news according to my professor:  He says that I'd be selling myself (talents) short if I weren't working for Pixar at any given time of my life, and that I'd be there within 5 years.  Mind boggling stuff to hear! He said a lot more great things and I'm so happy and humble to hear that it was the right move to take my major in this direction.

That being said, it's time I really kickstart my art.  I'll be posting images (photos) of the art I've been doing for my classes real soon.  I've done quite a few pieces of work: still life drawings of a dog, revision of Picasso's Church at Auvers, two nudes (!! a first for me! LOL Idk why I get so embarrased drawing ladies in teh n00d), a mug (one of the earlier pieces), and more.  My 2D design work have been lacking, I must admit, because we're using paints, acrylics, specifically, and I'm not the biggest fan of using them, or paints in general, and this is perhaps way too long a sentence, using too many commas, to connect quite a few run ons together, I shall end it, soon, now.  


So anyway, I'll still be doing my fanart here and there, but expect more "artsier" pieces.  Pieces that I feel represent me, and what I wish to put into an image.

My laptop, which I've had for 6 years, just had to go.  It was weak, annoying, had a terrible battery life and had to be connected to life support (outlet) all the time, and extremely loud and got really hot (I mean burning, literally).  So, I got a new computer!  This thing is a beast, and I love it so much. I was contemplating an iMac but a good bud of mine had convinced me otherwise, and I'm so grateful for all the computer advice.  I saved 45 percent with this unit, and it's more powerful than the entry iMac I was looking at, so uber win win.  I've new speakers, a new webcam (let's "oovoo" and skype like all the koolkidz).  

One of the biggest reasons why I'm so excited to start up drawing digitally is because of Illustrator.  This program is amazing.  I still have a lot to learn, but lets just say that drawing with a tablet and illustrator will give me my best lineart yet.  It's gonna really change how I approach my work digitally, which for me my lineart, I've felt, was my weakest aspect.  On top of that, it will help the entire structure and my mental approach to completing a digital composition.

The only problem is that my touch input seems rather delayed, by only fractions of a second when I draw, which throws off my execution quite a bit.  Trying to figure out the solution to that.

Anyway, I think that's all for now.  I've been well, thankful for everything, and just so excited to be really into art in a new light.  Hope you all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Love and peace,
DelicateMuse Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand what you mean by never having time. I haven't drawn anything since the summer. :(
I've just had so many things going on in RL and I've also picked up a new hobby- making fanvids. lol.

Good luck with everything and look forward to the new pieces.
BonnyJohn Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Fanvids? Nice! Link me when they're done! It's strange how time works: I want to start drawing when I have no time and when I was unemployed, I didn't have a single art bone in me!
DelicateMuse Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heh. Not sure we share the same fandoms, but you can find them here: [link]

Me too. I always get inspired to draw when I have so many other things. I end up telling myself that I'll do it when I get free time... but then I'm not inspired to do it anymore. lol.
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Submitted on
November 23, 2010