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I want to say that I will put my best foot forward and attempt to not miss a day, but I want this series to be less stressful so if I take a day off or two or whatever, don’t freak out.  I’m going to be actively seeking out jobs and putting myself and my work out there in hopes to get noticed of course, so if there are new breakthroughs in my day to day, those would take precedence.  

​That said, I will of course give it my all for each illustration in terms of quality.  I will again attempt to draw each new illustration in different art styles, and there will be plenty of new direction for exploration yet I can safely say that many styles of the already 152 illustrations I’ve done so far will probably come into play in new ways as well.  I can already see myself remixing popular styles for newer works.  

Rather than aspiring for 1 new style per day, (which of course I will attempt) I just want to make sure each new illustration is a fun and/or unique new depiction of everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. 

I also have a plea.  I’m so grateful for my following to have grown with each new illustration released in series 1.  What I’m doing is continually putting myself out there in the hopes that someone who can make moves can find my work and my passion and validate all it is I do.  I need you guys to help me with furthering my reach with this coming series and spread the work.  Reblog and share and help this become a success like you did the first time around…Except we can do better!  I know it!

​So that’s it, I think.  This upcoming series can be considered as both a standalone and expansion to the original.
-Bonny John

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Submitted on
January 4, 2015