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Pokemon Fusion 4 - Eleggtrode

Saw what I did there? With the name? ElEGGtrode. Cause it's an Electrode fused with Chansey, the EGG pokemon. See? SEE. Ok. Ahem, sorry. Moving on!

Only one organization could create such abominations and bring them about the world…Yes, Team Rocket is by and large responsible for the genetic modifications and birth of Pokemon fusions! During the Mewtwo project, a rogue sect of the development team went about to utilize Team Rocket’s vast resources and funds to entertain their dark visions. As if Mewtwo wasn’t enough, these scientists continued to splice genetic codes from their already large collection of specimen to create a new set of abominations…And this is one of them.

ELEGGTRODE (Original is "Electresy" according to the Fusion Maker. Pfftt.)
Electrode + Chansey

The Kamikaze Pokemon

Type: Dark / Electric

Ability: Natural Cure

Height: 3’ 7”

Weight: 77lbs.


Electro Ball
Egg Bomb

Rocket DEX:

Only the sick minds of Team Rocket would think of turning Chansey, a symbol of health and good fortune, into a ticking time bomb. The Eleggtrode pictured above is actually the second created by Team Rocket. The Chansey used in this experiment was actually injured by the first Eleggtrode. That Chansey barely made it out alive, at the loss of being badly burned specifically around the face. Her best friend and now caretaker, Nurse Joy, took her lipstick and applied it to Chansey in an effort to make her feel better.

"There, you're looking as pretty as you ever were!" exclaimed Nurse Joy. She placed a hand mirror into Chansey's small hands.

Chansey looked into the mirror, unsure if that statement was true. She wanted to believe her friend Joy, and she tried to accept what had happened to her, but in the end, she couldn't. Chansey threw down the hand mirror and began to run towards the exit of the Pokemon Center. Outside however was Team Rocket, stealing nearby Pokemon from trainers. Chansey was sucked up into a vaccuum and lost to the organization. Nurse Joy screamed for someone to do something, but everyone was helpless. Joy never saw her friend again. Not in the same form, anyway.

Chansey would one day return as an Eleggtrode to the Pokemon Center, and found the lipstick that Joy once used on her. Her hands shaking, Eleggtrodes application left much to be desired. She looked into a mirror before crying and then exploding out of rage.

Eleggtrodes, utilizing the form of a Chansey and fusing with the power of the anxious and destructive Electrode, is capable of creating its own mini abominations. As with most Pokemon fusions, the creature loses its ability to reproduce. The sterile Eleggtrode becomes depressed when it discovers that it is unable to create the eggs Chansey's are so well known for. With this loss, they also lose their maternal instincts and confidence all around, feeling even further out of place with the world. Thus, the Electrode aspect took over. Electrodes, who are known to explode out of rage even at the slightest simulation filled Eleggtrode with unlimited energy. When Eleggtrode attempts to create eggs (using Chansey's signature move softboiled), a new breed of Voltorb (Boltorb) is formed within its pouch instead. These "offspring" Boltorb are not actual children, but Eleggtrode sees them as such. After some time however, Eleggtrode realizes they are nothing but energy and enters a depression before releasing its rage. Using the attack "egg bomb", Eleggtrode hurls the energy matter at foes. When it can no longer bear the pain of losing her "children", Eleggtrode self destructs with the powerful "explode".

The way Team Rocket utilizes Eleggtrode is by strategically planting them near Pokemon Centers. Eleggtrodes will feign injury until it gets the attention of Nurse Joy or other medical personnel. Eleggtrodes will not self destruct if there are children nearby, however.

*Officer Jenny Notice* If you see a Chansey from behind, take caution. Eleggtrodes look identical to Chansey from behind. If you spot an Eleggtrode, please use extreme caution and alert the police.

Personal Commentary:

I was actually going to release another Pokemon fusion today, but earlier in the day, my friends began to develop this Chansey fusion. It was too good to pass on and pitch for the next week. Obviously, if it's not apparent in the visual design, Christopher Nolan's Joker from the Batman film "The Dark Knight" is the main influence for Chansey's face. Take a look at the sprite fusion...How can you not make that distinction!? On top of that, check out Electrodes crazy eyes and combined with Chansey's (originally innocent) hand placement, I had to make a funny fusion (sorry it ended up looking more creepypasta haha) and crazy back story to match. I mean, Chansey is a NURSE, and the Joker appears in a NURSE uniform and blows up the hospital. Uncanny!

Shout outs to my buddy Matt who made the fusion and suggested it, and George for really fleshing out the Batman ideas ("Do I look like a Pokemon with a plan?"), thus inspiring and hyping me tenfold!


This art can also be found on my Tumblr: You can Follow me there : [link]

Twitter: [link]

YouTube: Subscribe! [link]

Previous fusions:

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Omg! A Joker pokemon!

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Hey remember "that scene" from Batman the dark knight?
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Gamer pokémon
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(backs away very slowly)
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If the Joker made an Pokémon OC. Where’s Batman’s Pokémon equivalent?

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We live in a society

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You wanna know how I got these scars?

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Why can't she be a villain in another pokemon movie or game or comics?
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"My father was a drinker. One night, he takes an egg shell to my mother, laughing while he did, looked at me, and said 'Why so happy?'."
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jesus why does everything mixed with electrode look like a jokeified pokemon DX
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Its like the Joker of Pokemon
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that face
i thought when this page loaded it would have Jeff the killer's face
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This is the DNA offspring between The Joker and The Penguin
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Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3]  AAAHHH!!!
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wHy sO sErIoUsS??
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This thing...this is what gave birth to the most iconic clowns in history. Twin boys. One, full of joy, went on to open a burger joint. The other is locked in an eternal struggle with a man wearing a bat suit
Do you wanna know how I got these scars?
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Joker, found you.
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Looks like a clown . falls on floor laughing . Pikachu Piff Plz Freddy Laughing Chat Icon Laugh LOL Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] The Annoying Orange laughing England (Laughing) [V3] Sans laughing [icon/emoji] 
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Reminded me of a clown murderer... sorry XDDD
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at 1st i was like "oh no big deal, it's a pokemon fusion"  *Looks at name* Oh my... O-O
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and the worst thing is that the name and colors fit perfectly
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