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Ivysaur - Pokemon One a Day! by BonnyJohn Ivysaur - Pokemon One a Day! by BonnyJohn
Today’s art is that of Ivysaur! When it came to Bulbasaur, I went with my gut instinct and drew out a minimalistic and cute approach for the starter. In my eyes, I see Ivysaur and all stage one evos for that matter, as “teenagers”. They’re in that awkward phase, ya know? This is the middle phase that leaves traces of their youth, but also gives insight to the aesthetic changes their maturity will bring them.

I decided to give Ivysaur a sassy expression and pose. As I said, I had this image of a teenager acting about. To make the illustration stand out, I played with various designs for the leaves emerging from the budding flower, in addition to the various uniform marks on his body.


+ Pokemon One a Day is an art series started by Bonny John in an effort to explore new, interesting, and unique methods of rendering the entire catalogue of Pokemon. The idea is simple - to come up with interesting and distinctive attempts at representing and recreating the pocket monsters we all known and love, one day at a time.

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See you tomorrow!
La-Hyene-Deglinguee Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love him!
I quite like his motifs, on his leaf !

I think like you, about the evolution of Pokemon
I always believe in the "growing up evolution", the first stage being childhood, because of the cuteness, the 2 stage the adolescent,where they look a little more mature
and the final stage the adulthood, where they become more majestic, mean or terrific (depend of the pokémon :) )
For that matter, I always look at Pokemon like animal with powers, not a monster, so their evolution can be take taken in the 2 points of view
By that I mean the real evolution, where they evolve in a another spécies, or in the figurative ways, where they "evolve" like a humandoes, by growing up with expérience
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August 27, 2013
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