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10/19 - Muk and Sylveon!
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Day 19 of the Pokemon x Halloween Illustration Series!

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It Came From The Landfill - a new horror movie starring up and coming actors Muk as “The Thing from The Landfill” and Sylveon as “Random Teenage Girl Who Trips For No Reason”!

 Coming to theatres soon!


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Sylveon looks pissed, i would feel the sane if a muk smothered me.
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AnistarNinfiaEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At least Sylveon can  know  Psyshock. That could help it in  this situation. 

Either way, Sylveon should get paid a lot for having to smell that awful stench for the movie. 
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BonnyJohn|Student Digital Artist
Hey, Muk has feelings too :P
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AnistarNinfiaEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course. It's probably getting a lot of money and fame  to star as the monster. 
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