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And no one cares about Ron. Just kidding, I adore Ron.

The subject of fanart and fanfiction came up on Alison Bechdel's blog, and of course Harry Potter gets numerous mentions instantly. Along with crossover furry fics and LotR.

At the height of my interest in Harry Potter it always tickled me to see the kids in 'Dykes to Watch Out For' reading the books and dressing up as the characters. Have to wonder how much those kids have gotten into the fandom side of things.

So here's a quick doodle of Janis and little J.R. with a hideously messy word balloon.

I did some fanart of Cynthia from the strip ages ago that was posted on her blog. That was incredibly flattering. Now someone's referenced it in one of her recent posts with a link to this account, and I'm flattered once again. And a little embarrassed. There's a lot of bizarre, dumb ass stuff on this account :P I am forever wanting to delete some of my older pieces.

Janis and J.R. belong to Alison Bechdel

And I just realized how young I made J.R. look. I wound up using one of the collections as reference instead of a more current strip.
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