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Portraits of a Malcontent

Yes, I have a character fixation, leave me alone :P

And I've another set of three that will be finished... eventually.

For now here is Mal as a discontent young vampiress, a new Black Ribboner who is just leaving the ancestral home, and in between that...

You see, I reread Carpe Jugulum this summer, and noticed a background character named Maledicta (who preferred to be known as Gerald). Maybe it was an odd phase Mal went through. Or perhaps she played dull mortal with the other young vampires as a joke, only to realize she liked how people treated her when she dressed as a man.

Or maybe there's no connection to Maladicta at all. There is something so wrong about Mal dressing that way, but I did it anyway. It looks the worst out of the bunch too, bletch.

Maladicta and Maledicta belong to Terry Pratchett, not me. Not by a long stretch.
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a) this is great work
b) cursing my non-english copy of carpejugulum, I have no idea which names have been translated..
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wllefihwiefhwefjwoifwe I JUST finished Carpe Jugulum and I thought almost exactly the same thing

Mal looks like such a pretentious little upstart as Gerald I love it
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Well, you know how vampires in Discworld pretty much collect names as a hobby? Mal (from what I can tell, I need to read that book) possibly, given that she was in a family that collected blood like taxes, got sick of things viewed as traditions, and just decided to screw with her fellow vampires for a while with the "Gerald" thing.

You get this long introduction with her name, and she just says "call me Gerald."

Just imagine the poor vampire hearing this going over her names in their head to see where Gerald came from.

The dressing like a guy thing probably started to see if people would buy it, then she possibly started using more and more to escape the insanity going on during Carpe.

We're probably overthinking it, obviously, but I think Terry would find our reasonings amusing.
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Sexy Mal, nerdy Mal, Badass Mal...good God. I can't decide which one I like best.
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wow! she's so sexy!
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Love the way you drew her at the last one, oh so dashing and...manly :D
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You made my day:D
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Hmm, I think the Prat would approve. I feels... right.
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Nerd glasses.

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Is there seriously an FTM vampire in discworld? O_O
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Monstrous Regiment is more about women dressing in drag for practical purposes, but some characters could definitely be seen as FTM. Maladicta goes back to dresses and female pronouns at the end after seeing an openly female officer being taken seriously (Angua).

Everything's open to personal interpretation of course ^_^

and I've really thrown concern for spoilers out the window...
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Well of course. If one is something that doesn't show up in fiction, like an FTM, one usually takes what one can get in re main characters with which one can identify on a gender level.

Personally the idea that there is something even vaguely resembling an FTM vampire in a book somewhere is intensely heartening. Especially since it seems like that isn't the entirety of the character, as is common in so many books written 'about' rainbow characters.
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i never made that connection... even if the spelling is different, there could be something to it, because pratchett is just that sneaky :D

the middle one looks like she took fashion tips from aziraphale *lol*
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I wouldn't be surprised if the tea-crazed vampires at the end of Carpe Jugulum inspired Pratchett to make a coffee craving vamp. Maledicta might have been a proto-Mal ^_^

and yes, it does look like she raided Aziraphale's closet o_o
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I really love the coloring technique and the style here. And the colors, too, hell awesome work entirely.
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...The one in the middle looks like me... only I got a haircut, and I don't wear glasses. And I'd probably have the pants in black.

*sigh* I'm going to go curl up in a corner for a titch...
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If it helps, I dislike how it came out because I don't think I did the arms/hands/pipe properly, not so much because of the outfit ^_^;
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I was more embarassed by looking like a vampires 'dorky' phase, but thank you~
And I am now inspired to make a movie called ';Poindexter the Vampire'.
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Another Discworld book I need to read!
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AHAHA Mal the sweater nerd I LOVE IT. :D :D
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