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Pol and Mal have a talk pt 3

There's the last of it.

Part one:[link]
Part two:[link]

I need to snip the urge to do these silly, sketchy comics in the bud next time.

All Monstrous Regiment characters belong to Terry Pratchett.
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Hah, I never get tired of this.
It fits the characters perfectly.
Great job.
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Excellent, you got the characters bang on
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This is absolutely adorable. Monstrous regiment: best book for GxG there ever was...
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That was amazing ! XD
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Oh, dear, that was brilliant.
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I hope you do no snipping of that sort - I really enjoyed this comic. :) I love your designs for both of them, and the range of facial expressions you use is fabulous. Plus, the world can always use more Polly/Mal.
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I simply adore Mal's expression third panel down :)

Yeah, I always thought there was a lot of hysteria and DOOOOOOM about Mal gettin, um, dusted in Monsterous Regiment. Poor Polly XD
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Did he ever make this into a movie? I've only seen one of his movies based off The Light Fantastic.
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I wish -_-

As far as I know, there's the Hogfather, the Light Fantastic, Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters - which are animated - and several radio things. There's probably more that I haven't looked into.
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Is Corporal Carrot in this one? I adore him!
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He's not in Monstrous Regiment, but Vimes and Angua are ^_^
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Vimes is cool! Scratches head, was Angua the were?
bonnieslashfiend's avatar
Yup, that's her. There's a handful of other watch characters too, but no Carrot or Nobby.
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It's been so long since I've read Guards, Guards! May have to pick that one back up after I'm done with The Godfather. That is Corporal Carrot's first introduction, yes?
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I believe so, though that's one I haven't read yet. I've got it now, and I'm going to try and read the remaining watch books in order.
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*snicker* Oh, Mal... you really need to learn to quit when you're ahead. Or is it just the glee at tormenting Polly? We may never know for sure...
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