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Patronizing Vampire

Another scene from Monstrous Regiment. It's a little cheesy, but it's a bit of dialogue that makes me smirk every time.

MR belongs to Terry Pratchett.
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brilliant novel! you draw them really well, their body language is fantastic. 
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I like how she is invading her space just be for she say´s patronize me then she backs of a bit

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dear god, the way you draw vampires coupled with the era of that uniform is playing havoc with my fandoms of both Terry Pratchett and Phil Foglio, because damned if Maladict doesn't look like a really, really pretty Jagermonster here.
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Haha, oh that was one of my favorite ones of his. This is part is pretty excellent, too. Really well done!
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I simply love this scene! :XD:
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hahahahahaha, interesting way of drawing Maladict, I always imagined him as this gorgeous, polished, slim person with a lot of "i'm too good for this" (which of course he is, lol) looks. But love it!
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Got to love vampires with ironic senses of humor.
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Ah, I love Maladict!
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*cackles* Your gift for facial expressions is stunning. THis is just perfect. *goes to frolic the rest of her gallery*
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if it wasn't cheezy it wouldn't be the cheesemongers
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yeah, I love this scene~! xDD
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Ah, Monstrous Regiment is probably my favorite Discworld book.
Also loving the way you drew the characters.
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Nice one, Mal's the best!
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poor boy :XD:
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