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P n M n the AM

This was going to be part of the Discworld kiss meme, but then the other sketches came out in a more loose, animated style.

So I'm just posting this one on it's own with a quick color job. I'm not sure what's going on with Polly's get up there. Maybe that's her nightie? Let's just say those are Mal's sleeping clothes as well. And this is clearly a while after the end of MR, judging by the length of Polly's hair.

Polly and Maladicta belong to Terry Pratchett.
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I've seen a bunch of your stuff, how'd I miss this one?

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So sweet and perfect. I was shipping this pairing all throughout Monstrous Regiment, even more so when Maladict turned out to be Maladicta. This is really good, I love your style.
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I love the style you drew in and the coloring...and of course my favorite totally-ship-a-ble-but-not-quite-completely-canon character pairing in the Discworld!
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Thanks ^_^

I love pairings that are so neatly canon compliant. With them, I can cover my ears and go 'Lalalala and then they eloped!'
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Exactly. It's so much more fun that way.
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But but but FEMALE!!! *head explosion*
artwork looks nice though...
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Hee, just finished the book then? Sometimes I think I should put spoiler warnings on all my MR art for those that haven't read it yet...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!
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Yup I was browsing art when I was halfway through and...yeah I shouldn't have done that :) But I just finished it and love it, it's definitly one of my favorites, and Going Postal is up next yay!
You're welcome :D
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Haven't gotten to Going Postal/Making Money yet. They seem to be fan favorites, so I'm saving them up for when I need a really good read ^_^
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Ah Making Money too, I'm going in order so I still have 3 to read, YES! Ah good idea, I wish I had the self control to do that. I borrow them from my friend, but he doesn't have Making Money yet, I suppose I'll have to go buy it...
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nifty! i see you like this coupling! :)

love mal's hair!
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Can you feel the mad adoration pouring from me right now?

I've fallen completely back in love with Polly/Mal since I started re-reading MR.
bonnieslashfiend's avatar
:D is good thing!

My MR love has popped back up again every so often ever since first reading it, and this time it's come back on pretty strong o_o
SushiBee's avatar

I think this is going to become a cycle for me. I'll always love them, though...

And thanks for the fav on 'Strong Coffee!'
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Oh my gosh this is so very sexy!

I love the anatomy, especially on the arms. It is just so delicious. The faces are gorgeous and I really am liking their poses.

The way you shaded this is appealing with the bits of purple. Beautiful!
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I've done so many half-assed, sketchy bits of nonsense for MR, I wanted to do something semi-decent ^_^

Course, I really should be using reference... I have no idea if the arms around their backs are falling correctly or not.
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Wow your on a roll this week! Nice to see some artwork from ya after such a looooong period!^-^
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That is just so damn pretty! AWW LOOKIT THEM.

I need to get off my ass and stop neglecting Cheesemongers and Trumpets...
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