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More Portraits of a Malcontent

There were only going to be three more of these, but then I thought caffeine-withdrawal-with-flashsides Mal really ought to be in there too.

Aaaand the middle one of her in a robe is my train of thought careening away after Mal refers to herself as 'uncle Maladict'. Half of me thought that sounded oddly skeezy, the other thought that it would be hilarious if Mal did have a skeezy uncle persona that she likes to try on now and again for the sheer hell of it. Perhaps sometimes in the bedroom. Which might result in Polly threatening to toss her out the window if she doesn't quit asking her to sit on her lap while using the skeezy voice.

It's probably a good thing I don't write fanfiction :P

Mal and Polly belong to Terry Pratchett.
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Sharobury's avatar
Do a full version of the middle one, with Mal disguising herself, it's very well done!
chaoswolf1982's avatar
You should draw more "Uncle Mal" simply because that image is so wonderfully bizarre (and somewhat sexy in a decidedly butchy way) that it deserves a space all its own.
Cushi-Wu's avatar
Those socks are killing me...I, I, I... feel dirty o_0
MadameGiry's avatar
AWESOME! Mal is one of my favorite characters in the Discworld canon. You've done a great job here combining detail with wit. :D
nuclear-haru's avatar
Aaah this character looks hot/fun, and the more you draw her the more I feel the need to read the series....

And I don't even like vampires. :noes:

Good job. :D
cginator's avatar
God, I love your portrayal of the MR folks so much! I totally dig these, especially withdrawal Mal, that scene is deffinetly one of my favorites.

Also, skeezy uncle Mal is awkwardly arousing
bonnieslashfiend's avatar
Uncle Mal: is arousing you awkwardly.

I feel like that should be a macro :P

And thanks!
PanPanMomo's avatar
If you wrote fanfiction I would totally read it. And giggle continuously while doing so...

I love "Uncle Mal" and paranoid Mal flashsiding to 'Nam. XD Especially the flying screws.
skittles713's avatar
Don't know who she is^^; but all of them look pretty good^^
SushiBee's avatar
All four of these are absolutely brilliant.
I love the skeezy uncle persona.
BatNeko's avatar
If you did, I would read it.
Professor-Tinker's avatar
...For what it's worth, i imagine there'd be a few takers there.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
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