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Mal Addicted

Just finished reading Monstrous Regiment, and I am filled with the urge to draw fan art for it. This may be hampered by the realization that I graduate in two months and really need to shift my focus to getting a job. Still I suppose fan art won't take up that much time if I leave it in sketch form. Usually I can't stand to leave a pic with just flat colors, but they look right to me with this sketch.

Polly being faced with a coffee deprived Maladict, who is a reformed vampire that can't go on not sucking blood if his replacement addiction is not satisfied. Something about a coffee starved, slowly going crazy, vampire struck me as incredibly funny.

I'm a little sorry that I had the ending spoiled for me when I was looking for into on another Pratchett book and accidentally ran across a forum full of fangirls complaining about what Maladict turned out to be at the end, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the book greatly.

I need to draw Igor at the very least, and Tonker and Lofty, and Carbonium (too lazy to check for spelling) and Wazzer...

Come to think of it, Igor may very well HAVE been a man with all the proper bits and all - something to ponder.

Monstrous Regiment chars belong to Terry Pratchett who I am loving more and more by the day.
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Poor Mal! This drawing is so funny and cute, I like it. It makes me want another cartoon adaptation for the Discworld books. ^^
Such a wonderful job, remembers me Disney cartoons, in fact they should make a Series like Gargoyles but with Terry Pratchett Books.
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I now need to see a college AU with Mal during exam term. Urgh, I'm going to have to write the bloody thing. Awesome pictures, I love your Mal but Polly.
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i've felt like that more than once...
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awesome!! Polly is just like i have imagined, she's great.
Maladict is also great but i find him a little bit diffrent..
But this is awesome and i love it !! :D
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Brilliant. *dies of laughter*
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So amazing, I just got to this part in the book, crazy Mal :XD:
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While I was reading Monstrous Regiment, I wanted:
Mal to be a girl.
Polly and Mal to get together.

I only got one of the two, but fanfiction and my imagination can do the rest!

Poor coffee-deprived Mal.
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There's nothing saying that they don't get together after the book ends ;)
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YES! It would totally be when they go back to war, and there would be a whole reunion moment and all.
I've been given new hope!
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Monstrous Regiment is one of my favorite Pratchett books so I am loving this picture.
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(S)he is i name' right then
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AHAHAHA this is priceless! XD I loved that book, and Maladict was my favourite character. ;)
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I know the feeling, Mal.
I just love Polly's expression! And their lovely uniforms.

Spread the Pratchett love!
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Ahh... Maladict is probably my favorite Discworld character, right after Vimes. <3 Sucks that he ended up being a girl... He's much cooler as a guy.
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It was the same for me, though I thought of her as slightly cooler after the reveal just because I don't know too many female characters like her.
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But we've got Sally for a cool female vampire! 8D Mal can stay male.
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mal rules and i adore your portrayl of them, fantastic job
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You got the expressions sooooo perfect!
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I adore this, especially Polly's expression and Mal's claw like hand clutching desperately at nothing there.
Love Polly's face.
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As soon as I saw this I knew exactly what it was. Great job on the expressions, the uniforms, everything.
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