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Luna Lovegood

3K Views's Luna Lovegood...with a radish background - cause it's slightly better than having empty space. Anyhow yes, I adore Luna and hope to see lots more of her in the next book.

Luna belongs to JKR
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I always hoped she'd wind up with Neville ;-)
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I'm dressing as Luna for the opening night of HBP.
It will be epic!
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I like her. She seems very canon and on top of that she's well drawn. ^^
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i love your luna....shes like perfect...some people just cant draw her worth a crap, but i really like yours
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Luna is awesome, she's probably my favourite HP female, and this is one of the niftiest pics of her I've seen.
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Lol, she looks just like I imagened her. Great job!! :floating:
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Radishes suit her, somehow ... I love the texture on her shirt, and the fringe on her jeans, and the ambiguously spaced-out expression ... you've captured her perfectly.
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I used to be a Luna fan but many fanarts of her in mini skirts with long blonde hair made me go off her... (not that I have anything against girls in mini skirts) This picture really sums up Luna for me so thank-a-yous for restoring my faith!
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I loved Luna. You really captured her expression! :+fav:
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Cool. It looks like her.
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That pose is just so right. She's probably the cutest character in the whole series.
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Luna is so amusingly dotty. I love the expression you gave her here.
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Luna is an awesome character. =) I like her anyways... >>
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