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Kiss Meme: Sexy Evo Edition


Evo is full of love ^_^

After seeing American Ninja's take on this meme: [link] I've been itching to do it. I couldn't settle on just one pairing though... and I'm already wanting to do another one with four more pairings.

Luckily, ChuraMai's got two versions of the meme's blanks here: [link]

I'm sensing a Discworld version coming on...

All X-Men Evo characters belong to Marvel. And Disney now, apparently, which is odd in a way because I always felt Steven E Gordon's art had a nice Disney-ish tinge to it. Er, which only makes sense because he's an ex-Disney person. He's also very fond of fluffy hair, which I enjoy greatly.
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I just found some pairings I wanna look into.
Squibley's avatar
yes ship the hell out of tabby and amara <333
queencolondarkwing's avatar
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eeewwww toad germs lmao
indhi's avatar
kitty hat is sooo weird!
The Mystique/Destiny one is so wonderful. And the Kitty one is so horrifying.
Okay. The first and the last ones are REALLY CREEPY. LMAO
Sadiee's avatar
Heeeehee, love this! :3

Oh, Todd, you be nice, now, you know your bo doesn't like the clean his fur anymore than he has too... And I bet Kitty gives Lance chills doing that - both of those 'thats'! ;)
mystiquegrl's avatar
OMIGOD SOMEONE ACTUALLY DREW DESTINY/ MYSTIQUE!? I'm their biggest fangirl :heart: Love the pairing, there is simply not enough of them! Wonderfully rendered poses, by the way ;) Definately faving this :heart:
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You mentioned Steven E Gordon...was he one of the character designers for the X Men? You said he was an ex-Disney person that was fond of fluffy hair and I didn't know what you were talking about :)

Anyways, this is interesting, especially the people you have paired up. The only pairing out of the ones you drew that I actually like is Kitty and Lance :) I just find Kurt and Todd really creepy so I'm glad you drew Kurt's expression like he's sortve disgusted lol
LadyK's avatar
Kurt is no D:

I could only imagine what a french kiss from toad would be like. I love X-men evolution.
SwaggerMonkey101's avatar
haha, lance=scarred for life. this is great. :D
rondell's avatar
oh man, I seriously need to watch that show again. Just about the only characters I recognize still are Toad and Kurt, and that's probably just because I see them all over deviant art.
chaoswolf1982's avatar
Tabby's got a hueg neck here...
Cynical-SunShine's avatar
this is great x3!
awsome job on this >:]
HandxPalm's avatar
the kiss on the back is just horrifying to no end O.O;;
ChRon061's avatar
HAHA~!!! i LOVE the first one~!!!! XDDD
X-menForever's avatar
Okay, this just makes me giggle. It's awesomely drawn too. :D
skittles713's avatar
Thanks to you, I've been turned into a Kurt\Toad fanXD
Aakami's avatar
you did Mystique/Destiny! :D:D And for that I owe you :+fav: :D
Mimeoh's avatar
HAHAHAHA You're awesome!!
I love Kitty's kiss! Their expressions are priceless.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
I look forward to the Discworld version! ;)
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