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Guilty Pleasure

:icondendraica: 's recent art prompted me to check out Gravedale High, and it's joined Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School as one of my big guilty pleasures ^_^; Ghoul School, in particular, very big guilty pleasure. Gravedale High is a bit of an improvement on Ghoul School.

But man, I loved those monster kids when I was a tiny thing, even if I never quite developed an interest in Scooby Doo. They're just way too cute and fun.

The two groups of characters do look like they inhabit the same universe, so... hence cheesy-quick doodle of Reggie and Vinnie babysitting ^_^ Likely Reggie sprung the baby sitting on Vinnie without warning. Maybe he has cable and Reggie was hoping that the girls would just sit put and watch that all day, leaving him to his books.

I redesigned Reggie a little bit. It's odd seeing a werewolf that's just a wolf person all the time rather than someone who transforms at a given time :P At least Vinnie raided a blood bank at one point. Reggie's actual design is adorable too though.

All characters here belong to Hanna-Barbera
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I totally headcanon that  Reggie is  Winnie's bigbrother .
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I love how Sabella stole Vinnie's coat and is just flaunting it, as if to say that he can't do anything about it. I always saw those two as cousins (while Reggie and Winnie were brother and sister). To me, Sabella is the annoying (at least to Vinnie) younger cousin that can get away with stuff because she's more of an *angel* then a vampire.
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I've noticed something strange and frankly disturbing:

Mummy = Basically an Egyptian zombie
Frankenstein Monster = A reanimated corpse
Vampire = An undead person
Ghost = A friggin' GHOST!!!

The only one of the girls who is actually ALIVE (and logically, therefore the only one who could've been born) is Winnie. Where did the rest of them come from?
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OMGOMGOMG I love this picture I watched Gravedale high and i loved the scooby doo movie with the girls. YAY!
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HAHAHA! too cool! I only discovered the GH show today but it sounds cool, and I always LOVED SDATGS.
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I pointed out similarities between GS and GH time after time! =D
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I love how Sibella has Vinnie's jacket!

...I suddenly have a desire to see Vinnie flirting with an older Sibella... Curse my inability to draw!
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nice picture. i like it.
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I found this one cute!
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*Super* cute! I'm partial to the sullen/smitten vampires, but the whole thing makes for a great composition of weirdness and adorability.

I vaguely remember the ghoul school and the overused "Stay vith me, I vant to be alone!" hahaha. Also the ghouls' dads threatening Shaggy with various agonies if anything happened to their sweet little girls.
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I was a huge Scooby Doo fan as a child. Ghoul School was one of my favorites too! XD
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This is absolutely amazing. I love both Gravedale High and Scooby Doo Ghoul School. I love what you did with the characters, nice work all in all, from the drawing to the colors. ^_-
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this is soo cute! I loved ghoul school as a kid and when I saw this I dicided to look up gravedale and I found a few episodes, I liked it alot! it was so quirky (just the way I like it!) =P
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Bwahahahahah! I know the ghoul school charries and Vinnie and Reggie from fandom but I never got to see Gravedale high :'( If i ever get the chance to I will though :)
You did a nice job with telling the story visually. This is the first I've heard of either cartoon and I had to look them up for more info. It's possible that I have a slight recollection of Gravedale High, but I'm not certain. I do remember Mini Monsters from the Rankin/Bass Comic Strip series, and I thought that was just about as obscure as cartoons get. Did you design the sofa? It reminds me of the furniture you would see in an episode of The Groovy Ghoulies. Every object in the show's background, be it a lamp or a telephone, always had such a great Rolly Crump-esque design to them. Cheers for the good picture.
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These gals were always my favorites. Awesome work. Love the chest popping effect!
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Oh my God, two of my most valuable childhood memories together! All of them look fantastic, but I specially like Vinny's bored expression and how Sibella seems to be flirting with him
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Whoooooa! I totally thought of this as a crossover, maybe, uh, ten seconds ago, and searced dA to see if someone beat me to it. xD

The hardest part is deciding which one I like best. (Rick Moranis? Scooby Doo? RICK MORANISSSS? SCOOBY DOOOOO?)
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Nice crossover...

I bet they're going to watch a horror movie starring "Vincent Van Ghoul" later tonight.
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Brilliant work.
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i'm afraid i've never seen Gravedale High, but i love the way you drew the girls~
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Brilliant piece! I love Vinnie's expression.
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