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Discworld Kiss Meme

Here's the other kiss meme then ^_^ Lots more mush!

I feel a bit bad that I didn't draw Sybil in her dragon tending gear, but the very silly wig just sort of happened. This could very easily have been an all Monstrous Regiment thing, but I've finally read 'Guards! Guards!' and found that some Sam/Sybil had to be drawn.

Tonker/Lofty, Sam/Sybil, Margrat/Verence, and Polly/Mal are all Terry Pratchett's creations.
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Your version of Lady Sybil is perfect in every way thank you for giving me a picture.
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I loves me some crossdressing lesbian vampire arsonist soldier action, but I have to say I think for once Mal/Polly and Tonker/Lofty are outcuted: Magrat and Verence are adorable (that's a genius response to the 'kiss on the nose' prompt), and Vimes and Sybil is a big bucket of aaawwwww.
Verence is one swole-ass Fool.
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I love your meme!! Don't know Margrat / Vernece but every other image is exactly how I've pictured everybody. Monstrous Regiment is one of the best DW books of all time.
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The only two I don't know is Verence/Magrat. But the rest <3.
Sam and Sybil look fantastic. Thud was the very first discworld novel I read, so the Watch series is my favorite. But much love to Mal and Polly. Lol. Glad I'm not the only one.
Gosh darned amazing. Briefly thought the Verence/Magrat Pic was Carrot and Angua wearing their "Mr Potato Face Disguises", while made me giggle ridiculously, but that's just as fun!.
I've suddenly decided that Fanon is not all that bad.

That and i'm at least mildly perverted.
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...are the last two technically gay? I know it's a popular pairing, but I was wondering.
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Fanon, not canon. As far as I'm concerned, their development in the book is left wonderfully unspecified :D Straight if you like them to be.
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This is awesome. I repeat awesome, particularly the pic of Sam and Sybil. You've captured them both in appearance and attitude perfectly. Afraid I don't know much about the others, not having read Monstrous Regiment yet, Sam and Sybil are my favorites and I'm very impressed with your treatment of them.
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I am very glad the the very silly wig "just sort of happened."
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aw.. it great :)
but polly and mal? hmmm... still not sure on that one :D
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Brilliant work! Magrat and Verence are absolutely adorable and Vimes and Sybil are... there are no words. They're just utterly, indesputably perfect.
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Awesome work, completely awesome. I only missed recognizing Margrat and Verence, but that's because of the really weird disguises... I think I'm missing a book or two.
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Never really thought of Polly/Mal as more than crossdressing soliders but I think it will be otherwise from now on. Magrat/Verence is sweet and Tonker/Lofty, both of which I can't seem to remember at the moment, is really adorable.
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Baaah! LOVE Sybil's courtly outfit--and her size. YESSS! *is that weird? probably a little bit...*
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You've only read Guards, Guards just NOW?
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Well, earlier this summer, but yeah ^_^ I've pretty much only got the watch books and the wizard books left to read, and I'm only just now trying to keep things in order.
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If you loved Guards! Guards!, particularly the Sam/Sybil bits, then you've got quite a lot of awesomesauce ahead of you in that regard. I think I squeed a little louder and melted into a slightly gooier puddle with each book. I actually broke my usual "read the series in the order released/written" rules to just mainline all the Watch books one after the other back when I first got into Discworld.

And the wizards are a whole other batch of awesomesauce. They're strangely huggable in a portly, irascible, argumentative, "What does this big red button marked Don't, Under Any Circumstances, Push do?" sort of way.

All of the drawings are lovely, but, yes, the Sam/Sybil corner is particularly adorable.
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I'm so behind myself.
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Oh, I love the Polly/Mal and Tonker/Lofty ones~

Lovely work, as always.
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