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Chasing Nightmares

I was asked to do a Remus+Sirius tattoo design and thought, why the heck not. This is posted without permission from the person who asked for it, but I haven't heard from them in a while. If this is your tattoo design and you don't want it posted, just let me know ^_^

Sirius is still in his prison gear, so I suppose this is right after POA. Lupin has joined him after hastily fleeing Hogwarts to help him hide out. He gets to witness Sirius waking from bad dreams to chase after specters that aren't there. Yup, I'm pretty sure that's what is going on in this.

I like how their faces turned out, they're much closer to how I usually picture them in my head. Sirius's body though, either it's too thin or his head is too big... I don't know. And lazy background is lazy.

Sirius and Remus belong to JKR
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I really like this! It is unusual and I don't see the proportion issue that you mention.
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This is so bloody beautiful. I love the rich colors and Sirius' almost lost expression. <3 These two were so damned cute together.
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You just reignited my passion for Sirius/Remus.

Love the picture!