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It's about time I posted something new. Sorry it's just a flat color job, but I like doing these from time to time. They let the lineart show through more, and this one didn't call out to me for full lush shading.

*coughs* been doing plenty of fully rendered smut for these two. None of which is quite appropriate for D.A. unfortunately.

I need to do one of both of them in uniform...

Todd and Kurt belong to Warner Bros. and Marvel.
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Aaawesome piece.
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I second that motion
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This is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see the "smut" of them that you were referring to. X3
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I like it, its cute!
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Adorable! I can't say I fully support these two, but this is a very tender pic. Great job!! :worship:
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I'm a Toad guy, and I know this slash/ship. I like your art style. It fits the image.
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Too cute! That's all I can say :heart:
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Kurts ears remind me of a kicked puppy. so sad
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i like the poses. they both look rather tentative, ant i like how their hair blocks out their eyes. the only thing that boters me (ts always bothered me about evo) is that kurt is rarely portrayedin his fuzzy form in regular clothes. not that im complaining about the skin-tight uniform...
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I love the clouring job! It makes it look like a scene from some old Disney movie.
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:iconfffuuuplz: SO DAMN CUTE. fave'd.
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wow. o.o their posture and poses are very good here. i REEEEEEEALLY like this one alot for the especially. but also cause i think Todd doesnt look so dingy here XD
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I can't get over how crazy amazing Kurt's pose looks like. I spent some two minutes by just staring at this and letting it all sink in, ahaha. He looks so animal-like in that pose and I absolutely adore how you managed to capture and convey his emotions so vividly through his whole body while hiding his face from the viewer at the same time. It's not easy to render emotions through only one's body, but you did great job on both Toad and Kurt! :thumbsup:
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My friend is a total fan of this pairing, so it was kind of impossible to be not noticing this ^///^ (I viewed some random people's favourites :))

Great work, i have to say :)
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I remember this series fondly. It seems this is a well liked pairing. It never really crossed my mind until now.

Great anatomy. Their body language speaks a lot for the situation.
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wow1 i love the poses
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Good god I've been going through your gallery....seriously, for so many years I didn't think anyone else liked this pairing. I love you! All your work is AWESOME and....this is sooo sooooo cute!! I love it!!!
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It's got a small but persistent following, actually ^_^; Just check out Dendraica or Falasama's stuff.
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So I've realized!! I've been missing out all these years. And thank you, I went to look around and love both of them. Hooray!
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YAAAAY! I likes this.

And are you like me? I fail at eyes, so I fringify a lot...
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I love Kurt's pose :)
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