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A Pirate Reunion

This is what happens when I give into fan art urges at around 3am.

Lazy ass flat color job - but it looks good enough I think for something like this.

Ah Bootstrap, so easy to be fond of that old sad sack.

Bootstrap, Pintel and Ragetti belong to disney
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he heh, Bootstrap :rofl: "I'm turning into a starfish"
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:rofl: Oh that is just so great!
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uuuurgh! baad mental images, badbadbad... *shakes head*
but bootstrap is so cuute! :XD: "I'm turning into a starfish..." naaaw! :D
LOST14's avatar

I love you for this. xD
Me-In-Honey's avatar
what, I don´t have this in favourites already??? :-O
Orgasmia's avatar
ahahahahaah "I quite liked the cuddlin´though.." hahahahh so cute:P
MephD's avatar
Gave me a good laugh! ^^
thedarklordkeisha's avatar
Well, you just killed me. Thank you. :+favlove:
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Oh my God, thats great, I feel like I could stand to hug you! I can't, (personal space issues) but you know where I'm going with this!
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LOL, I think this is the only fan art I've seen of poor Bootstrap. He needs more love.
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hahahaha lovely :P
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XD Pintel's all complaining and all Bill can say is, "I'm turning...into a flippin' starfish dude. I don't CARE about your sex life failing or not..."
WolfandSquirrel's avatar
LOL holy crap, I agree with previous commenters, Bootstrap IS the saddest Disney character ever!

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I don't know which of these I feel sorry for most. I think poor Bill has my vote for saddest disney character ever, besides eeyore (or something). c.c; *favs.* I love this!
naughtyottsel1031's avatar
poor bootstrap xD;;
his comment made me almost fall out of my chair laughing
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XDD oh wow! "i quite like the cuddlin' though" that's the line that did it right there. XDD that's fantastic!
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this is amazing.


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LOL HA! excellent!
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