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Hello everyone~ 
Now if you seen my past journals
you may of seen to journals on Mofins

Here what a Mofins are they are supernaturals that have wings but are not angels at all they just have wings.
Here some examples of Mofins
Bridgette :REF: by Bonnieart04 

Xion :REF: by Bonnieart04
Jack :REF: by Bonnieart04
Here some lists that Mofins can have.

Wings types
Bat wings ( This only happen when a Mofins His/her mother or father is a half vampire)
Gray wings ( 30% Most wings)
black wings ( 50% Most wings)
White wings ( 100% Most Wings)

Hair colors

Brown hair ( Normal)
Light bule/Bule ( Sometime very rare)
black hair ( Normal)
blond hair ( Normal)
red hair ( Normal)
gray and white hair ( Very rare)

Eyes colors
Green eyes ( Normal)
Red Eyes ( Rare)
Amber eyes ( Normal)
Blue eyes ( A little rare)
Hazel eyes ( Normal)
gray Eyes ( Normal) 

Now there kingdom

The royal family

King Alex
Queen Charlotte
Princess Bridgette
Prince Huter
Prince Aaron 

Helpers with the royals
Jay Heartwells ( Maid just for the princess)
Ken Gages ( Head cook)
Carman Clocks ( Personal guard for the King and Queen)
Zack Willsons ( Personal guard for the Kids)
Danielle Vents, Mrs. Cooks ( Maids)

Languages they speak:
French ( They speak it a lot)
English ( Only use when outside the kingdom)

They trade with the Dime kingdom a lot and the Netherlands Kingdom.
Known to be a very friendly Kingdom

Healing ( This one is very weak)
Healing plants ( Only Girls can do this one because back then Female mofins grew Trees, Plants, Ect)
Teleportation ( This is only if they lose there wings)
Use fire Magic ( This one is very rare)
Are there Half mofins?
Can they be Half werewolf, Vampire, Etc

Male Mofins: Bodies
Male Mofin :REF: by Bonnieart04
The male tends to be much taller then the average Male human.
And can be more bigger then the female mofins, there also more stonger then a werewolves. 
Female Mofins: Bodies
Female Mofin :REF: by Bonnieart04
shorter then the Males morfins and tend to be more softer when it comes to feelings.
They tend protect to there kids. 
They can get jealous over another female trying to take there "Mate"

Some more Info: 
Long time ago, Mofins were hunted for the wings.
There were Mofins hunters, The job paid was about $100 per Mofin Wing.
Mofins can make there wings disappear for to protect them.
They have Claws but hides them.
There is 10% that they will they die if they lose there wings.

Mofins and art (C) Bonnieart04/04

If you make a Mofin Oc PLEASE 
Say that the species belong to me.

Group:  Mofin-Kingdom - DeviantArt

See ya!!
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Submitted on
July 29, 2016