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Vincent :REF: by Bonnieart04 Vincent :REF: by Bonnieart04
Name: Vincent 
Full name: Vincent James Gule
Age: 19
Gender: Male 
Pronouns: Male Pronouns
Birthday: Dec 14
Generations: 5th Gen
S/O: Heterosexual 
Human or something else: Human/Wizard 
Powers: Fire magic and Water magic, also so some basic spells.
Powers flaws: Something he will make a mistake with a spell and sometimes set thing on fire, Or get it wet.  

Personality: He sometimes a very shy to some people, But he not shy to friends and his adopted mother. He sometimes is a joyful person, and very cheerful. He also sometimes very grumpy and also very stubborn.
Flaws: He tends to make noise when it not a good time, He tends to freak out. He have fear of losing of his adopted mother, Aailyah, and a fear of the dead. 
Items: A heart necklace from his birth mother (Which he doesn't know), A sword given by his adopted mother.
Scars and marking: He has a bandages on his left eye, Because of a accident when he was 3 years old with his birth father. He has a few little scars on his right arm from a wolf attack.
Dislikes: Talking about his birth father, People talking bad about his adopted or Birth mother badly, People asking about his love life, People think he dating his friend, Blake, Talking about his personal life.
Likes: Sweets, Singing, Hanging out with his Adopted family and Blake, Apples, Midnight (His cat), His Adopted mother and father, Games.    

Friends: Cole William ( Met him in school), Blake Ackerman (His boss) 
Pets: Midnight (A cat that his adopted mother got for him.)
Family: Conner Bennett ( Birth father, Missing) Lucy Bennett (Birth mother,Dead) Aailyah Gule/Graywings (Adopted mother,Alive) Jayne Greywings (Adopted father, Alive) 
Val Greywings ( Adopted little sister, Alive) Randy Greywings (Adopted little brother,Alive) 
Love life: Doesn't really have one. 

Vincent and Artwork (C) Bonnieart04 
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May 18, 2017
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