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Rosie :REF: by Bonnieart04 Rosie :REF: by Bonnieart04
Name: Rosie Skylar Croft 
Age: 15
High: 5.4
Gender: Female
Pronouns: Female Pronouns 
DOB: Dec 2
S/O: Heterosexual 
 Species: Witch and dhampir. 
Powers: Using love magic like her grandmother But rarely use it, Can use telekinesis like her family members, Also can teleport but not too much. 
Scars , Marking and ETC: None. 
Flaws and Weakness: Like one of her great grandmothers, She put her family and friends before herself but as bad as her great grandmother. She tends to be noise in other people problems and pretend that her problems are small even when there big. 
Personality: She love to play jokes, and she love to sometimes to annoy people. She is short temperature, But she is one for being kind and sweet to people she cares about. Like her Mother, She a great helper with romance even tho she doesn't have a lover/panther ..Yet. She also very Sarcastic and Stubborn like her father. 

What kingdom are they from: Thorn Kingdom ( That belong to xXNaxaXx
Weapons: Her father old sword and a old rusting shotgun that she fix up. 
Items (Beside weapons): She have a necklace with a rose for a charm and a broken pocket clock.

Family: Arno Croft (Father/Alive) Rose Croft (Mother/Alive) Dayla Croft (Older sister/Alive) Chase Croft (Older brother/Alive)
Future Family: W.I.P
Friends: Val Greywings and Randy Greywings ( Best friends) Nick Westwoods (Best friend) 
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None. 

Art and Oc (C) Bonnieart04 
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January 15, 2017
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