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G.G :REF: by Bonnieart04 G.G :REF: by Bonnieart04
Name: G.G
Full Name: Gigi Giselle Handmens
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pronouns: Female Pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual
Generations: 7th
Birthday: May 4
Human or Something: Witch
Powers: She has fire magic but doesn't use them much.
Powers Flaws: Once again, She doesn't use them as much..

Personality: At school, She quiet and never talk unless she need to. But, At Home She rough house with her older brothers and jokes around. She is a bit broken do to her father being not the sanest person.. She also very much a Daddy's little girl.
Flaws: Do to her being a Quiet, She doesn't really have any friends, She doesn't really mind this. Because She doesn't want people come after her father.
Items: Weapons which she keeps in a bag in her room. And a necklace given to her from her Father.
Scars and Markings: She has scars on her right arm from a wild animal.
Dislikes: People saying that her parents are bad people (Which they really in the past.. But in her eyes there not.) People hurting her Brothers. People calling her name, Sour candies.
Likes; Her family, her necklace, Sweet things, Playing with her older Brothers. Testing things.

Friends: None.
Family: Brain Handmens (Father, Alive) Connie Richmens (Mother, Alive) (Her mother and Father aren't married...Yet) Hans Handmens (Older brother/Alive)
Deadlock/Conner Richmens (Oder brother/Alive)
Love life: She hasn't found her "One"  

Artwork and Oc (C) Bonnieart04
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July 20, 2017
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