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Dragon Born :REF: by Bonnieart04 Dragon Born :REF: by Bonnieart04
( THIS IS NOT BONNIE CLOCK. This is my Dragon Born from Skyrim)

Name: Bonnie
Full name: Bonnie Conner 
Race: Berton ( Half mer/ Half man)/ Werewolf. 
S/O: Bisexual
Gender/ Sex: Female
Age: around 20-23
Personality: When it's comes to things, She wild and crazy. She one for quests and other things. She doesn't talk much about her hobbies because of... Reason. Being the Dragon Born, It's very stressful. Sure, She loves quest but... She thinks about being Dragon Born.
Jobs: Dark brotherhood Leader and Thieves guild master.. And being the Dragon born. 

Friends: Babette ( A vampire child in The dark brotherhood) Nazir ( A Redguard in the dark brotherhood) Cicero ( Imperial in The Dark Brotherhood) Vex ( Imperial In the Thieves Guild ) Bryjolf ( A Nord in the Thieves Guild). 
Love interest: Serana ( A Nord in the Dawnguard DLC), They are dating, Their not married. Serana and her will be married in the future. ( BTW the way, The Serana in my game is human and cured.)
Family: Their alway in Cyrodiil (…
Children: Lucia ( Imperial Child that can be adopted) Sofie ( A Nord Child from Wildhelm) Sage ( Fan Child). 

Sage: Sage was conceive by Magic, She is a child a Bonnie Conner and Serana. It's a long story.
Story version: Serana wanted a child with Bonnie. But they couldn't because they were both women. So, they when to a wizard and He said that take DNA from both of them and Put the fertile egg into one of them... By magic. And that how Sage was made. ( Because Magic is real in Skyrim) 
Lucia and Sofie: Bonnie adopted them off the sheet and got them in a house.
The Child: Sofia and Luica are the same age, They don't really like Sage since she has "Cool powers".

Their house: Lakeview Manor. 

Dragon Born's Clothes:…

Note: All skills in Skyrim goes to 100. If you're 100 in one skill you are master in that skill. 

Destruction: 60
Conjuration: 58
Restoration: 50
Illusion: 15
Alteration: 20

Sneak: 100
Lock picking: 90
Pickpocket: 30
Light Armor: 95
Speech: 89
Alchemy: 40

One handed: 90 
Two handed: 15
Smithing: 100
Archery: 100
Blocking: 15

Potions: Healing, Magicka and Stamina Potions. 
Weapons: Dragon bone Sword and Bow, Dragon Bone arrows. 
Food: Bread, and Apples.
Mics: Soul gems and Azra Star ( Which is a Big soul gem) to recharges her weapons.

--- Guilds --
Thieves Guilds: Guild Master.
Dark Brotherhood: Listener.
College of Winderhold: Arch Mage.
Companions: Is kinda with them ( In game: Harbinger) 
Bard College: Part of it. 

---- Family history---
Her great grandmother was The Hero Of Kvatch ( Another Character but she in Oblivion), Her parents are Nobles in Cyroiil.
This a just word. By it's said that Her great grandmother was secretly wed to Martin Septim and they had a Child before Martin Died and the Child only known by the Blades and The Hero Of Kvatch. But, Only a fool would known. It's also word that the Child shared the Dragon Born. But, Only The Hero of Kvatch would known the truth to these lie or Truth. Bonnie is the only one who have the journals from The Hero.

---- Life before the events of Skyrim----
Living in the Imperial city, Your used to drama and other things. But being the Hero of Kvatch's Great granddaughter you gets ask a lot of questions. She didn't want to answer. She didn't like the Thamlor or Some of the people. She would walk around the Waterfront and look at the wanted posters of the Grey Fox. And Laugh at them...

Did they know that were Dragon Born?: No, She didn't.

Artwork and Bonnie Conner and her family (C) Bonnieart04
Characters and Places and Items mentioned ( Martin Septim, Babette, Nariz, Blades, Serana, Etc) (C) Bethesda Game Studios
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