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D.b 2.0 by Bonnieart04 D.b 2.0 by Bonnieart04
Name: D.B ( Real name is  Brunetta) 
Age: Unknown ( She looks 22)  
High: 5.7 
Gender: Female 
Pronouns: Female Pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual 
DOB: Unknown 
Species: Shadow Demon ( Demon Form:
Powers: Can turn into a shadow, She can heal thing but can rarely used it, She have teleportation and flying power.
Scars,Marking, Etc: Have a Black Rose marking on her back.
Flaws and Weakness: She can get out of control with her feeling and powers, She is still hurt by her the past, because her daughter died because the village killed her in a fire do to the fear of them getting her because Her daughter had a power that the village fear. She tend to get mad when someone says she wrong, She have a hard time reading.
Personality: She a troll to people and trick them at times, She very loving to her family and her friends ( The one that she has),But She can be very serious at times when she want to be, At times She can be nice and caring, and she is very romantic.

What Kingdom are they from: None
Are they royal: Nope.
Weapons: a large scythe
Items ( Beside from weapons): She have a music box and a ring from her daughter who is dead.

Family: Her family is a bit unknown but have two older sisters.
Future Family: Nexcoar (Husband/Boyfriend/Alive) Griffin ( Son/Alive) They both belong to xXNaxaXx 
Michael Vine, Kal Hearts.

Oc and Art (C) Bonnieart04
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November 27, 2016
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