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Bridgette :REF: by Bonnieart04 Bridgette :REF: by Bonnieart04
Full Name: Bridgette Caroline Middleton 
Age: 15
High: 5.7
Gender: Female
pronouns: female pronouns ( She,Her, Herself, Ect)
S/O: Pansexual 
Species: Mofin ( Info Of this species is middle of updating)
Powers: Healing ( That magic is very weak only heal small things) Helping plants, Flying, Teleportation ( Only use it when her wing are broken or cut off) 
DOB ( DAY OF BIRTH): December 20.
What generation: First gen.
Scars or marking, Ects: She has wings because of her species.
Personality: She a very calm person at times but she not really the type to get mad easy, she doesn't talk as much only when she need to, she very friendly to people, she like a mother at some points, Can try to get out of everyone, kindhearted, very sweet.
weakness and flaws: She have a fear of the dark & Bugs, Sometime people scare her half to death, she sometimes have trouble sleeping, sometimes forget what she doing, it hard for her to understand math and reading, it hard from her to understand English ( Because her normal language is French).

What kingdom is she from: Mofins kingdom
Is she/he royal: Yes she is she the daughter of King Alex and Queen Charlotte.
languages that he/she can speak: French and sometime English.
Where are she/he now: In a castle with her family in the mofins kingdom
Weapons: None
Items: Her necklace was from her grandmother before she past away, and her crown because she royal.

Family: Alex Middleton ( Father, King, Alive) Charlotte Middleton ( Mother,Queen,Alive) Aaron Middleton ( Older brother, prince, Alive) Hunter Middleton ( Older brother, prince, Alive).
friends: Serenity Wilson ( The daughter of the dime royals) Jay Heartwells ( Her personal maid that became friends with her) Jen Gule ( Leader of the royal guards of the mofins kingdom) 
boyfriend/girlfriends/crush: Michael Graywing ( Son of the dime royals)

Bridgette (C) Bonnieart04      

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July 29, 2016
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