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Brain :REF: by Bonnieart04 Brain :REF: by Bonnieart04
Name: Brain Pryo Handsmen
Age: 17 ( Will stop aging at 30)
High: 5.8
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Male pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual
Species: Werewolf/ half warlock
Powers: He turn into a wolf, Cloning, teleportation, summoning things>
Scars,Marking, And etc: He have some scars on his back and his left arm from fight and killing people...H kinda a hitman and he lie about his age to be one.
Flaws and Weakness: His metal state is very bad do to that he kinda came from a family that didn't really care about metal state so he bit nuts, he will do anything to get Bonnie ( His Ex-Girlfriend) back even killing and hurting people to get her, he very sick in the head.
Personality: He very romantic to female, He kinda of a oddball do to his mind no being right, A "Bit" insane, He very danger person, he veyr odd when it come to men he kinda hate them a little, He very hot headed.

What kingdom did they come from: Dime kingdom
Are they royal: Nope
 Languages they can speak: A bit of French and he speak German and main is  English.
Weapons: Chainsaw, knifes, Swords, Guns, And many more
Items: Necklaces his got from his older brother

Keith Handsmen ( Father,Dead), Fia Handsmen ( Mother, Dead) Aliv Handsmen (Sept-Sister,dead) Pandora Handsmen ( Sept-Mother,dead) 
( Why is mother is dead is because she was killed by a person who hated her, why his other family member are dead will be explained in a story that i'm writing) 

Future family ( When he is older) 
Hans Handsmen (Son,Alive) Aaliyah Gule/Handsmen ( Daughter, alive but doesn't talk to his because she hate him) 
Friends: Skyler Jones.   
Boyfriend/girlfriend: None 
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September 9, 2016
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