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Brain 3.0 by Bonnieart04 Brain 3.0 by Bonnieart04
(There was a 2.0 but I didn't like the way he looked.) 

Name: Brain
Full name: Brain Scott Handmens
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Male pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual
Generations: 1st
Birthday: October 29.
Human or something else: half Werewolf and Half wizard.
Power: Turn into a wolf, and fire magic.
Power flaws: He sometimes, he turn into wolf when he did want too. He lights things on fire when he doesn't mean too.

Personality: He is a not the sanest person alive..He can act normal, But inside he broken. He i a sweet talker and use this fact to get away with troubles and other problems he gets in. He is very clever, in the way when things don't go as plan. He is ready to run out fast. He will play around we the friend that he has.
Flaws: Sometimes, he has many weakness. like people talking about his parents badly. And he have flaws. but tends to hides them..And trust very few people.
Items: He keeps weapons like a small pocket knife in a bag in he room. Two necklaces.
Scars and Marking: Scars on legs and arms from fights and wild animals.
Dislikes: People talking about his parents and him. People saying he broken (Because he already knows this and hate himself.) Jake Gule.
Likes: Bonnie Clock (Even tho she hate him), His uncle/Caretaker. Reading. His only two friends. talking to uncle.

Friends: Connie Richmen (In future, She will be more then just a friend to him.) Voi Phantom.
Family: Kevin Handmens (Father/ ????)  Fia Handmens (Mother/????) Scott Handmens (Uncle/Caretaker/ Alive)
Love life: He had a girlfriend when he was 13, Her named was Bonnie Clock. Things happended and they broke up. He still like her. But, In the future. He will being to fall for the one that was always there for him...Connie.

Artwork and Brain (C) Bonnieart04
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July 22, 2017
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