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Bonnie Clock :REF: by Bonnieart04 Bonnie Clock :REF: by Bonnieart04
Name: Bonnie Dani Clock
Age: 16 ( SHe will stop aging at 30 year of age because Her family is known to be immoral)   
High: 5.7
Gender: female 
Pronouns: Female pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual
Species: Witch
Powers: Can use dark magic and healing magic, Does have a ender form that is cause when she was young she was mark by Herobrine do to that her family was known to " Back stabbed" Herobrine, Can summon a raven, teleportation.
DoB: July 12 ( Same as mine  Happy Tard )
Scars,Marking, Etc: She have a marking on her right arm from Herobrine, and some scars on her legs and left arm because of fight and training, She is blind in her left eye because drinks something that blinded her in that eye.
Flaws and weakness: She can't use magic for A lot of time because that make her very sick and made cause some scars, She have a bit of trust Issues because she had soem of her old friends back stabbed and her Ex-boyfriend,Brain, breaking her heart, she a big hot headed person and she does have a blind eye that her left eye.
Personality: She very hot headed person and does get little rough when it come to people but on theinside she very nice and kind those to know her well when known this she doesn't talk much, Sometimes like a mother to her friends Steve.

What kingdom Are they from: The dime kingdom 
Are they royal: Nope
Languages they can speak: She can speak backward and does understand French since her boyfriend speak French a lot at times but she mainly speaks English. 
Weapons: a sword that her mother and father made her, and a pocket knife.
Items: A necklace that help her with her magic and powers, and a facemask  that her father gives her.

Family: Dani Clock ( Mother,Alive and kind missing) Kin Clock (Father,Alive) Lee Clock ( Twin sister, Alive) Adam Clock ( Older brother, Alive)
Friends: Sam Q.D, Steve Locks/Keys, Eddy, Jay Young, Lilly E.D, Dan Quail.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Jake Gule

The reason that Bonnie have more info it because she more info then other I been working on her the most because she not more of a Persona to me she is a Oc.

ShimmerStarGirl12 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
She looks pretty!
Bonnieart04 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 Thanks!! :3 
ShimmerStarGirl12 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome :happy: 
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