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Bonnie 4.0 by Bonnieart04 Bonnie 4.0 by Bonnieart04
Edit: I added what Bonnie's mark looks like, and it's place on her left arm.

Name: Bonnie
Full name: Bonnie Dani Clock.
Age: 16
Note about age:
She will stop aging when she is 30 years of age. She will look like a 30 year old until she dies. She can change her look but still look 30, This gene runs in her family blood line.
Height: 5.5
Body type: Shortish and curvy.  
Sex: Female
Pronouns: Female Pronouns.
Birthday: July 12.
Birthplace: The Dime Kingdom.
Gen: 1st Gen. (Will explain timeline later.)
Human or Something: Witch.
S/O: Heterosexual.
Power or Spells: When it comes to spells, Bonnie, Is still working on them.
She reads about Light magic, Black magic and Other forms.
Bonnie was cursed when she was born to turn "Ender". These power of the mark she got make her see enders, Not all ender types. When the turn happened. She got a rampage. The rampage can cause her to flip out. One of her arm will turn black faint in to her normal skin color. One her eyes will go the same color as a endermen. The claws of the black arm has a poison that could burn someone.
Powers flaws: She can't control the ender form but she get older she can kinda control it. But, sadly now right. She sadly hurt herself. During her experiment for the spell.
Explanation for the Eyes:
On her mother's side, Witches in her family can changes her eye's colors to protect their eyes.

Family Info:
Family(Mom and Dad): Kin Clock (Father, Alive) Dani Clock (Mother, Alive) Lee Clock (Twin Sister, Alive) Adam Clock (Older Brother, Alive)
Future Family: Jake Gule (Husband, Alive) Skylar and Tom Gule ( Twins, Alive)
Tina Gule (2nd oldest daughter, Alive) Ethan Gule ( 2nd Oldest son.) Akin Gule (Youngest son, Alive) Aaliyah Gule/Handsmen ( Youngest daughter, Alive)
Pets: Lune (Cat, Alive) Gage (Royal guard dog, Alive) Gummy (Little friend, Alive).

Personality and Likes, dislikes:
Personality:  Bonnie is a stubborn person, She not as stubborn as her father but she will fight until both parties stop. She in a fly or fight event, She would fight, She doesn't like going down without of fight. She very hot headed person, She doesn't get mad easily but when she really mad. She could rip your head and She also put you outside untill she calm down. She very protective of the one she loves. Most of her family were sadly killed for blood and other reason. She wants to really protect one person. She will love something with her whole heart , When her heart break she will lock herself away. She is emotional about things in the past, She doesn't let go but if someone bring all to brother her. She will slap them.... Now on to her more positive traits,
She a very go listener to vent too, She will understand your problems. She is a very romantic person. She will gives gift and sweet to her boyfriend and Love him. She very good at learning fast. She learn about things fast and help her friend and Boyfriend with homework. She is very royal. She would never cheat on her homework or Boyfriend. She is very bossy in a good way. She is leader of the Jr Royal guard club. She reports the truth to the school members and other people. She is very nice toward other people unless she feels something will go wrong. But, That happen rarely.

Likes: Spending alone time with her boyfriend, Sweets. Being with her friend. Books and writing spells. Making potions with her mother. When her spells works. Roses. Training with her character.
Dislikes: People bring up her ex-boyfriend. Talking about her ex (Luckily that doesn't happen often.) Her sister making her put dress on. ( She wants to see what it look like they have the same size in clothing.), Showing her skin anyone beside people who are really trusting to her. Showing weakness. Her ender form.

Love life:
Taken or Single: Taken by Jake Gule.
Meeting: Childhood friend wins.
Ex's: Brain Handsmen.

Bonnie Clock and Artwork (C) Bonnieart04 

KiinqBee Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student Traditional Artist

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