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Bonnie 3.0 by Bonnieart04 Bonnie 3.0 by Bonnieart04
Name: Bonnie
Full name: Bonnie Dani Clock
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pronouns: Female Pronouns
Birthday: July 12
Generations: 1st Gen
S/O: Heterosexual 
Human or something else: Human/Witch 
Powers: Ender Form, Dark,fire, Magic. Summoning spells.
Powers flaws: She can't control her ender from, Sometimes a spell goes wrong. 

Personality: When it comes to School or reseach, She very Focused on her work. She is very Alert at all times, because a accident when she was younger. She very stuborn and refuse to somethings. She can be loving, but tends to hides it. She is very calm and quiet at times. She will be cold to people and distrustful to people because of her Ex. She could only trust you if your her closest friend ( Like Sam or Steve).
  Flaws: She very bad fear of losing everyone she loves/cares about, She keeps things away from people who cares. 
Items: A old sword from her mother, Some necklace (One from her father, Boyfriend, and one from her mother.  
Scars and marking: A marking on her left arm from Herobrine, and scars from training.
Dislikes:  Talking about her ex Boyfriend, People hurting,Harming her J- Boyfriend. People telling her that she can't do anything, People calling her Bonbon and or Cute. (Only Her Boyfriend can called her Bonbon.) 
Likes: Spending time with her Boyfriend alone, Spending time with family and Friends, Rain and snow, dogs and cats, Cooking with her boyfriend.

Friends: Sam Q.D ( Alive, Best friend) Steve Keys/Locks (Alive, Best friend) Sebastian (Alive, Best Friend)
Pets: Lune (Cat) Gage (Dog)
Family: Kin Clock (Alive, Father) Dani Clock (Alive, Mother) Lee Clock (Alive, Twin Sister) Adam Clock (Older brother, Alive)
Love life: He has a Boyfriend , Jake Gule, He was just a Childhood friend before they were lover. She also have a Ex Boyfriend, Brain Handmens. 

Bonnie Clock and Artwork (C) Bonnieart04  
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June 9, 2017
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