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Bonnie 2.0 by Bonnieart04 Bonnie 2.0 by Bonnieart04
Name: Bonnie Dani Clock
Age: 16 ( She will stop aging at 30 years of age, Do to her family history)
High: 5.9
Gender: Female 
Pronouns: Female pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual 
DOB: July 12
Species: Witch
Powers: Can casing dark magic and healing magic, But it have if flaws because she try to using a spell but she got it in her eye. and she can teleport. 
 Scars,Marking,ETC: She have a marking when she was young by a man named Herobrinem The reason why he did it is because Bonnie was had a Old part of her family that she never knew about. 
Flaws and Weakness: Do to her being overprotective of her family and her friend she tents to put them before herself, So to her breakup in the past she a bit of a problem trusting people thinking she that she will get back stabbed, She can lose herself at times.
Personality: She a bit bossy and blunt, She can be a very helpful person. She also tries to act like she tougher then most of the royal Guards But she have a a soft heart, She a bit "Broken".  At times, She can be quite. She also be a little arrogant at times.

What Kingdom are they from: The Dime Kingdom.
Are they Royal: No, But at times Her boyfriend jokes about her being royal.
Weapons: Her magic spells and a sword that her father given her.
Items ( Besides Weapons): A necklace that she got from her grandmother and a pieces of armor that her father given her to cover up "The Mark"

Family: Kin Clock ( Father,Alive) Dani Clock ( Mother,alive) Lee Clock ( Twin sister,Alive) Adas Clock ( Older Brother, Alive)
Future Family ( Dang this is gonna be Long): Jake Gule ( Husband,Alive) Skylar Gule ( Oldest Daughter,Alive) Tom Gule (Oldest Son,Missing) Tina Gule ( Younger daughter, Missing) Ethan Gule ( Younger Son, Alive) Akin Gule ( Youngest Son, Alive) Aaliyah Gule/Handsmen ( Youngest Daughter, Alive) ( This is when she older) 
Friends: Sam Q.D ( Best friends) Steve Locks/Keys ( Bets friend)  Cher Lovewoods ( One of those odd friendships) Jack Gule ( twin brother of her Boyfriend) Alex Keys ( One of her dearest Friends) Eddy The enderman ( Ender friend) Lilly E.D ( Ender Friend) Dan Quail ( Ender Friend)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Jake Gule ( Used to be a great Friends from when they were young but turns out to be the only person who loves her more the anything)

Jeez that a lot of info...

Oc and art (C) Bonnieart04  
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November 19, 2016
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