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Alex :REF: :RENEW: by Bonnieart04 Alex :REF: :RENEW: by Bonnieart04
Name: Alex Ann Keys
Age: 15
High: 5.8
Gender: Female
Pronouns: Female pronouns
S/O: Bisexual ( Lead towards girls)
DOB: Feb 12
Species: Warlock/Witch
Powers: Can summon a true owl, She can used a water magic do to her mother having water magic, Also is learning healing magic but is still working on it.
Scars,Marking, Etc: She have a birthmark on her upper back that she prefer not talk about.
Weakness and Flaws: She have a bit of guilt because her mother die after the birth of her so when people talked about her mother she mute them out, she have a hard time trusting people do to some hurting her in the past, Sometimes she mute everything and anyone out.
Personality: She a very calm person and serious ( More serious then her brothers), and she a very kind person when people get to know her,  she very Organized and she very loyal.

What kingdom are they from: The Dime kingdom 
Are they royal: No
Languages they can speak: She can speak German but she mainly speak English.
Weapons: She have a shotgun on her bedroom but rarely use it.
Items: A necklace that her father given her.

Family: Will Keys ( Father, Alive) Eis Keys ( Mother,Dead) Harry Keys ( Older brother,Alive) Steve Locks/Keys ( adopted older brother,Alive)

Future Family ( When she older)
Family: Minnie Keys ( Wife, Alive) Noah Keys ( Adopted Son, Alive) Kat Keys ( Adopted daughter, Alive)

Friends: Bonnie Clock ( Best friend), Laden Bonlock ( Best friend)
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Minnie Jaywoods   

Art (C) Bonnieart04
OC (C) Bonnieart04
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October 17, 2016
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