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Aaliyah :REF: :NEW: by Bonnieart04 Aaliyah :REF: :NEW: by Bonnieart04
Name: Aaliyah Bella Gule/Handmens
Age: 19
High: 5.7
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She, Her, Herself.
S/O; Heterosexual
Species: Half witch/half werewolf ( Her mother was a witch and her father was a werewolf)
Powers: Can turn into a wolf, Casing spells, using dark magic, fire magic, healing magic.
DOB: June 14
Scars or marking etc: One on her back from a knife when someone try to kill her for being the daughter of Brain Handmens.
Flaws and weakness: If she lose someone she love she try to kill the person who did it rearguards of the fact that there are deadly, If she use to much magic in one day she will get really sick or really weak, She fears that she will become what her father is, her can lose it when she get really mad.
Personality: Like her mother she is very hot headed and stubborn, She can be very shy, She have bad times with her feeling, A bit insane because of her father, very friendly and try to help everyone, can be a little annoying at points, She try so her so god dang hard to be perfect.

What kingdom is she/he from: She was born in the the mofin kingdom...So...Ya..
Is she/he royal: NOPE.
Languages they can speak: A little french.
Weapons: her mother's old swords, and some knifes.
Items: Her necklace was given from her mother, and a jacket that Jake given her.

Family: Bonnie Gule ( Mother,Alive) Jake Gule ( A father to her but he not her real father, Alive) Brain Handmens ( Father, Alive) Hans Handmens ( Half brother, Alive) Tom Gule ( Half Brother, ????) Skylar ( She is married to Kale Croft One of xXNaxaXx ocs) ( Half sister/ Alive) Tina Locks ( She is married to Maxwell Locks) ( Half Sister/????) Ethan Gule ( Half Brother, Alive) Akin Gule ( Half brother/ Alive).
Friends: Taylor Croft( Best friend) Vincent ( Her adopted son) And other people
Boyfriend/girlfriend/Crush: Aven Genesis ( He belong to xXNaxaXx  )
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August 10, 2016
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