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Aaliyah 2.0 by Bonnieart04 Aaliyah 2.0 by Bonnieart04
Name: Aaliyah Mallory Gule/Handsmen 
Age: 30 ( She have Immortality like her mother do to her mother family history.)
High: 5.7
Gender: Female
Pronouns: Female pronouns
S/O: Heterosexual 
DOB: Dec 9
Species: Half witch/half werewolf.
Powers: She can use magic mostly healing and fight magic, Teleportation, and does freak out during a full moon.
Scars, Marking and ETC: She have a birthmark on her chest, She have scars on her back and arms for fights.
Flaws and Weakness: She is worrier and worry about her family and her other love ones, She tends to get really mad at times, She can't really control her feeling do to her being call a freak and monster most of her live because of her Father.
Personality: She a very shy person do to her growing up inside most of her childhood , She can go a little nuts if push to far, She sometimes very stubborn like her mother and also very Serious. 

What kingdom are they from: She was born in the Mofin Kingdom but isn't her real home. 
Weapons: Shotgun, Hunting Knife, and Other weapons that she use for her Job. 
Items ( Besides): A necklace that her mother given to her, a necklace that she found with a rose on it. 

Bonnie Gule ( Mother,Alive) Jake Gule ( A father to her but he not her real father, Alive) Brain Handmens ( Father, Alive) Hans Handmens ( Half brother, Alive) Tom Gule ( Half Brother, ????) Skylar (Gule ( Half sister/ Alive) Tina Gule ( Half Sister/????) Ethan Gule ( Half Brother, Alive) Akin Gule ( Half brother/ Alive).
Future Family: Jayne Greywing ( Husband,Alive) Randy and Val Greywings ( Her twins,
 Alive) Vincent Greywings ( Oldest Son/Adopted/Alive)
Taylor Croft( Best friend) David Croft (Ex boyfriend/Friend)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Jayne Greywing ( Son of the royals of The Mofin Kingdom) 

Ocs and art (C) Bonnieart04/Me 

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December 8, 2016
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