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Okay storytime, this is the origin of my very first OC called Naughty Nora, It all started when I was about 6 in class we were learning and reading about the horrid Henry books. Anyway as part of are work we had to produce a sort of fanfic insert OC story without horrid Henry (so really it more "inspired" by horrid Henry but that is debatable).

So are teacher that the time said, "okay class you have think up another charter like um er.. Naughty Nora" and that is how Naughty Nora was born. I first used her in are creative writing Horrid Henry inspired story. However at that time, Naughty Nora in my story didn't do anything really naughty per say.

Hell in most of my Naughty Nora stories she really wouldn't do anything bad but yet always got called naughty and punished,at worst she would sometimes say slightly mean things (buy that I mean things like "Polly smells Polly smells" Polly was her arch enemy).

Even in my first story she wanted to make a birthday cake for her friends so she bought the ingredients (but making sure her parents knew what she doing of coarse she not that naughty I mean),and she made the cake for her friends the end. Nora was really naughty in name only. She did more nice things then Naughty, like help children in wheelchairs, stand up to bullies and support her friend with cancer (yeah I don't know what I was thinking back then way I include that plot line).

Anyway Nora and her friends lived in a tree house with all this high tech gear that they could make and afford, and over time the stories got a lot more the top and unrealistic to the point were I stopped writing about her, and forgot because I as bored with writing stories about her. Everything had been done I was bored and I just forgot about her and buried away everything I had done about her.  

Now years later I found all this old drawings and stories about her, her friends and other OCs I have made at the time. Now I have realised how terrible they were,but they are fun to look back and now I use this a milestone for how far I have come and how far I have to go. (as well as how much of a dumb kid I was back then).
Anyway I wonder what else of my old drawings there were their is a lot (way more then I thought) Maybe I will try to redraw some of them. 


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United Kingdom
I'm just posting stuff I like that all and I'm just shy to show people my artwork but I also
want feed back


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