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Almost forgot about this. Drew this from a dream I actually had with them in it. It was adorable and they were wearing those clothes in it too. I remember his clothes more vividly than hers though.

Even was drawing a little comic thing of something that happened in the dream… too cute.. hope to finish it like so many other things… *sigh*

I’ve missed drawing them. Guess I had to be reminded in my subconscious of how perfect they are together to get to draw them again. (this was weeks ago though…)

Also, life update:

I really hold back a lot from DA lately... That's because I've kind of not cared as much anymore. I hold back, because I feel DA holds me back a lot.

I've been actually pretty busy this whole past month though and probably will be until summer... I try to squeeze in things though here and there.

Need to get the rest of those commissions done though. All the ones I have so far are all pretty much half finished anyway. I've just been held back by the whole depression thing a lot lately. I'm sick mentally all the time so it pretty much feels like being physically sick. It's really tough to get over, but lat weekend has helped me a bit.

I finally have some determination to get some things done (honestly haven't had that in a while for anything), so that's good.

I'll get your stuff done, guys. Just bear with me, please.

[Still going to be really distant from DA though. It feels too much for me to handle at this point, even though I still like sharing art occasionally...This explains things better--> [link]
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This is beautiful!