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Coulter studies

By Bonka-chan
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I figured I’d just post the page of more of this big, loveable guy that I drew while camping~

Coulter is a babe ok. Super cutie. Just more all around to hug.

(Really though these were helpful studies for me to try… Still trying to try more with that experimenting body types. There are other variations for other characters, but I can’t post those sadly hhhh)
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Need your help please

I was searching for references for my character construction assignment and found this

I liked it and I followed it, the thing is my teacher wants me to draw 10 more rough sketches for the same character in different positions, and in the picture there are only four!! So can you help me please ?!

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Draw some original poses then?
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Awesome chubby guy with his big belly, I think I like it.

I draw all pictures of characters with big bellies.
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Oh he's so freaking cute!
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O_O I'm torn with being utterly impressed but your ability to draw and wishing that Coulter was real. So I could make him smile like he does in the lower right all the time. I love the variety of expressions you drew of his - and those little thumbnails are so lively! :D
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Ah, thank you! That's really sweet of you. haha I wasn't so used to drawing heavy guys so much so he was the start of some good practice for sure! I was looking to draw more body types and such and should continue to do so~
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It's great to see the variety! You put a lot of life into your lines and for not being used to drawing heavier fellas, you really made his bulk look solid. You can really see it in the cheek squish in the drawing you did of him stirring his coffee(?) - that's pretty tricky to get right. I also love how expressive you made him - I can even hear a quiet "Ehhhhhh, well....." from the lower-middle right headshot.

There's also that dang smile. That dang, dang cute smile...*quietly melts off into the sunset* I know he has a lovely lady friend but man, if he was real and single...
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Awww~ That warms my heart RIGHT up! :love: Thanks for the kind words~
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I used to know a guy who looked a lot like your Coulter.

Best. Hugs. Ever.
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Damn, Ann Coulter let herself go.
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He's adorable! 

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He's so cute and adorable I think my hearts going to give out from all of the cuteness ! <3
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"No its just me, Gabe Newel..."
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This is really interesting! :D I like that you drew him in not only different expressions, but also in different sketch sizes, different poses, different angles - I always forget those aspects when trying to flesh-out a character :'D I'm really excited to see more of Coulter and his lady friend! :heart:
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Yeah, it's really good to try and grasp the character as much as you can with a varied display of angles, expressions, and gestures. I was just trying to get the feel of him since I'm not all that used to drawing the body type. It's been taking a lot of practice. haha
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I love seeing atypical characters looking ssssooo adorable!
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He definitely would give the best kind of hugs, and he has awesome glasses. 
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Hopefully you're also doing different body plans for the ladies? c:
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I would also love to learn about his character, as well as his chick uvu
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Bonka why do you do this too me? He's so adorable and hug able and just omg sTAWP.

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*hugs into the sunset*
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hhhhhhHHHHHH that face in the top right I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
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