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This is Timely-Studios Archibald the Dauntless, and his malamute companion Loretta.  They are likely chasing off some poor fellow who has wandered into the Hidden Falls, or simply out for a run!  Either way, Archibald is one bad ass warrior and omg that hair. xD  He has an incredibly long history on the game and outside of it, with a good number of offspring, ladies, close friends, and even a herd land of his own to protect and guide.  Czar Archibald is a tough character with a good heart, and he's really a delight to follow around our little corner of Loorien.

Time was recently promoted to a Full Administrator on Helovia, and was submitted as an art suggestion in my buddy boutique there.  This is the first time I've got to make art for Archibald, who has literally tons of great pieces, which really does make this all that more daunting (the irony)!  I hope Time likes it and you guys enjoy the scene.  

There will likely be a second version of this here in the near future in which he is wearing some of his items (shiny armor wut), but I felt like I owed DA a submission - so here we go!  I have a few other projects in the works, but like I will probably be slow (per usual).  Keep an eye out still. ;D
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Yayyyy I'm so glad <3
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You did awesome!! <3!!
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This looks lovely, darling!!
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Oh gosh thank you <3
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