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I've finally got some free time again, so I'm figuring I can make another specialized commission journal! I feel like making some more icons / pixel dolls so hit me up if you're interested, either in this journal or via note. I'm gonna try to keep to these same pixel styles, so let me know if you want me to use any of these same pixels as a base, or I can start off with a new sketch depending on what you'd like. As I get more I'll be adding examples.

Ref: (Any refs you have would be good)
Pose/Expression: (Let me know if you need to use one as a base or will require)
Any other info: (such as personality, etc)

50x50px blinking pixel icons: 8 USD (extra animations +5)


Blinking pixel dolls: 15 USD for 1 char, 18 USD for couples (Extra animation +$5)

SLOTS (taking 5 for now!)

1.) -
2.) -
3.) -
4.) -

I've been a little dead here, but it's mostly because I've been busy doing a ton of stuff. I'm preparing for some craft fairs later in the year which means I've got some more stuff up on my store. Also, the first volume of four corners (ch 1-4) will be made soon!! I have to hand bind the books so that will be...FUN, haha, but I'll be updating here with more info when that comes out! And if you're wondering, the comic still updates; I just usually prioritize updating on tapastic  and smackjeeves.

I forgot I never actually made a journal mentioning this, but I'm still trying with my RP group!!! I'm hoping to get just a few people interested so we can roleplay in a small and easily manageable group, so check it out if you like fight to the death/battle royale/post-apocalyptic storylines. :D

:iconbloodycurs: :iconbloodycurs: :iconbloodycurs:
I've been a little inactive on deviantart these days, but this is the case with all of my social network accounts. ^^; Last month, after many months of planning, I released a patreon for my webcomic, four corners, which you can check out here!

My long term goal right now is to redo the first chapter and print the first volume of 4C, chapters one through four. Printing is definitely gonna be one pretty penny, but I'm hoping patreon will eventually get me there! *crossing my fingers* 

Even though I have all the perks arranged on my patreon page, here's a quick run down of the stuff you'll be seeing if you pledge:


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Forget-Me-Not was recently converted into an online format!!! If you're curious about playing Forget-Me-Not and other English visual novels, Sandbox-adventure has a bunch of games to play and counting. The games also have a saving/loading feature so you can play them at your own pace. Many thanks to José and his hard work with converting my game for an html5 release. Check it out!
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Some updates!

Wed Jan 27, 2016, 3:34 PM

Hope everyone's year is going fairly well so far! I know a lot of people are back in school, so good luck with all your schoolwork, and to those not in school keep on trucking! 💪

Since I haven't made an update journal yet for the new year, so for anyone who's curious:

1. I've officially opened my storeI have three products available to purchase, a Tiger & Bunny print, a Four Corners print, and a set of Haikyuu magnets. The last product I have to add (no pictures yet, but they look great!) are InuYasha bookmarks printed on plastic stock paper, and the four different character designs are Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Sesshomaru. During this week I'll be uploading some deviations for the products to give them a bit of exposure. Next month I'm planning on releasing original products, so possibly some new prints or postcards, but right now I'm working on four corners bookmarks, (four different designs to choose from!) so keep your eyes peeled. :D (Big Grin)

2. Four Corners consumed my soul a little more than usual this past month. :p (Lick) So far, I was able to line all the pages for February, so thankfully that's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I'll be able to color a page on the week I need to update, so this will be giving me a lot of time to work leisurely on the 4th chapter, and of course anything else not related to the comic. 

3. I haven't put it out there enough, but I'm still working on my next visual novel, slowly but surely! The story is completely written, not everything is scripted, and there's still some art that's needed to be drawn. Not looking forward to programming everything LOL, but at the rate it's going, it will be done by this year!

If you're interested in reading a romance about two girls in catholic high school and all the drama that goes along with it, look out for it

That's it for the stuff I've been working on. To everyone reading good luck with all your endeavors and take care! Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1] 

I'm drawing couples! [OPEN]

Thu Dec 17, 2015, 3:46 PM

SO! I'm taking commissions to draw all kinds of duos interacting, romantically or platonically! Each piece will be $30 USD. These will be waist up commissions, but if your characters are sitting or laying, I'll still draw those kinds of poses.

Because coloring and shading takes a lot out of me, I'm slapping on some grays and giving the piece a nice tinted look. I will filter the grayscale image with any color of your choosing, like these styles:

(^ I can add some selective colors to bring out some parts of the picture)

  • I'm not doing anything NSFW (so no sexual nudity), but touching or kissing is fine. I also won't be drawing any extreme gore, full anthro or heavy robotic stuff. 
  • Please give me visual references to your characters along with any other descriptions I may need. (Stuff like what kind of expressions you want them to be making, poses, etc.)
  • Send the payment first and then I'll get to work on your commission.
  • You are not allowed to use the commission for commercial purposes. Feel free to post it anywhere but don't claim the drawing as your own.
  • I'm not doing any backgrounds, except gradients or plain color. I'll be willing to draw in any objects depending on what you want going on in the scene.
  • I'll only be using paypal

If you're interested or have any questions, please send me a note! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 


Current slots


  • The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose some deviations I like most from their gallery! 
  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and at least three pieces of my art on the first place. 
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

I finally made one of these awesome journals, so hit me up and I will feature you!! :D  Got this from myneea !

1) :iconmyneea:
Myneea has such an adorable style and so many creative designs I love looking at! :thumbsup:
Headshot - Elie by myneea Monkeyyy by myneea [PIT] - mayoujii by myneea

2) :iconaces-away:
Aces-away is an awesome well rounded artist who incorporates great thought-provoking themes in his work. Not to mention all his poems just completely blow me AWAY!
Hang Me Low by Aces-Away Meet Me at the Eye of the UniverseMeet me at the eye of the universe
Where life flows in and out at will
Where you are watched yet left in peace
Where you go free while still in chains
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Where sparkling lights could mean your death
Where cold blue could burn red hot
Where one patch of black meets the rest
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Where all meets one but is left behind
Where you’re all alone yet never singular
Where taking life is giving back
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Where gender and religion hold no purchase
Where no light is hope and contentedness
Where all can be set free as one
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Where lack of light means a whole new world
Where icy planes may be the only things that burn
Where glowing red atmospheres are signs of life
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Where broken bones can’t hold you back
Where the weight of the world is that of a feather
Where war and peace are one in the same
Meet me at the eye of the universe
Professor X by Aces-Away

3) :icondafrobro:
It's always fun to see what kinds of pieces Fro comes up with! All her characters are so interesting and creatively designed. =^D Not to mention she is so friendly and it's always a pleasure to talk to her!!
<da:thumb id="567275385"/><da:thumb id="564566647"/><da:thumb id="541666802"/>
Hey guys, hope you all are doing well! Recently, I've realized my art blog is almost 3 years old! I've also noticed that most of the people who follow my art blog (many of them I still follow too) have gone inactive or changed their accounts. If any of you guys have tumblr art blogs I'd love to do a follow for follow, so comment below if you'd be cool with that! Since my dashboard has been moving along slowly it'd be really nice to see more original art. :D Also, my art blog is a side blog, so I'll be following back on my personal. 
So I've finally decided to put together some commission information! Please send me a note if you're interested in purchasing, thanks!

Waist up sketch___6 USD

Flat chibis___8 USD

Colored busts___10 USD

Colored waist up ___20 USD

Colored full body ___35 USD

Full background in piece + 10 USD


  • will draw fanart, original characters, couples, and generally most sfw stuff. I am okay with drawing nsfw material, though be aware I don't have any examples at the moment and am pretty new to being open about it. Lastly I will not draw extreme gorey things, extreme anthro or super robotic stuff.
  • Extra characters together in one scene will be double the base price of the commission. (For example, two characters waist up will be $20 + $20, for a total of $40.) The only exception of this rule is a minimal sketch commission. If you want a cheaper price for a couples piece, I do special couples commissions here: I'm drawing couples! [OPEN]
  • Reference pictures are pretty important to my process, so if you have those, send them my way! Also, when ordering be as descriptive as possible, it really helps me create the concepts desired.
  • There is always the possibility I may put the work I’ve done for you up on a social media site (tumblr, dA, behance, etc) or my portfolio. Let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • No refunds! Please be sure you are comfortable with my style before purchasing.
  • My commission work cannot be used for any commercial purpose, such as game art without my permission, printing and reselling as a print, etc. And as obvious as it goes, paying me for my work does not mean you can take the credit for creating it.


I only accept paypal, and I will not start a commission until I have received payment! 

During my process I will update you with how it’s coming together and will email you a version of the picture to make sure it’s okay with you. Please be aware to give me at least 1-2 weeks before questioning me about my progress, depending on if I have other commissions going on at the moment or things I have to deal with, but rest assured I don’t give up on my services.


All I need is a good description of what you want me to draw, including references and even descriptions of the character’s personalities. I’ll get back to you, confirm the price, and get started working on the commission.

The last journal I made was almost one year ago. Yikes! :o

I haven't been very active on here mostly because the stuff I've been doing is not really something I can publish (still working on FMN lmao, IT'S GONNA BE FINISHED THIS MONTH THOUGH! *confetti*) or stuff that's been in school. I will be uploading some work soon though, since school is officially over and I can share all 12 of my AP studio concentrations! (Haven't gotten my score back, I think they mail it to me or something. I hope I got a good grade!)

This school year has really been a transformation for me, honestly. I learned so much and I'm excited to keep improving. Owe it all to my wonderful teachers and my peers! I also think I have more confidence as to what I'm going to be pursuing in my career. I'm still really unsure about college, but I've still got one more year left so I should focus on just studying for SAT/ACT and getting my grades up. 

Thanks for anyone who still keeps up with me, hope you are all doing well and have a good summer. :D
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I haven't written a journal in awhile, but I figured I'd just leave this one here just to talk about my progress with my projects. 

Right now I'm kind of just trying to work a little bit of Forget-Me-Not everyday, and the progress is going really good! I think by the time school starts back up (end of August) I'll be 90% done with it. What I'm doing now is pretty much just going over all the scripts with the graphics. The only writing I have to do is for the last ending which is about 40% complete. 

I think it's safe to say that finally, after like 2 years lmao it's on its way to completion! I'll have to add some new screenshots and art to deviantart, but all of my updates go to it's tumblr blog if you want to check out everything there. 

Also not sure if I mentioned it in a journal, but I made a short parody game called I want 2 be single with free resources. Play it if you're interested! :D
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okay okay battle royale 2 never happened...i refuse to believe it...

I went over a friends house yesterday and we were watching battle royale (since i finally finished the book and the first movie!!) and oh my god it was so terrible...i mean, i could go on and rant about it but you know??? gotta make this journal creative...

Well on a better note, I've finished another ending of Forget-Me-Not!!! I've gone one (or two, depending on if I want three endings or not...) ending(s) to go! It roughly took me about 2 weeks to finish that one, soooo hopefully the script will be done really soon? I just need to edit things a little, put in the graphics, then get a few people to help out with the proofreading, but I'm going to wait to recruit some people until later.

Oh man this is really exciting, this game will be done pretty soon! *wipes tear*
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woah i havent written a journal in a long time but??? TO be honest I havent drawn anything digitally in a hella long time because I needed space on my desk to draw on paper so I kinda forgot about my tablet for awhile...*pets tablet* hopefully I'll be putting stuff up here soon.

As for projects I've been pretty creative, actually! For the PPHSJAM I wrote a short comedy game thing (with stock art) called "I want 2 be single".

About maybe 6 months ago I started making a comic (again) with a story that's been in my head for pff ever, but I stopped doing it for a long time, and so in this past month I've started on it again! Whoo! Haha, my dad is fed up with me not finishing any of my shit so he's giving me a "deadline" to finish the comic by the end of this year. I don't think I can really get the whole thing all done by then??? But I'll try to because I'm really tired of not being able to finish anything...what am i gonna do with myself...

Aaand I've been in a little writing block for a month and Forget me not hasn't really been written all that much. I just can't figure out how to end the endings properly...I feel like I need to add stuff in. So maybe sometime soon I might try to get some friends to give me ideas??? I need a fresh new perspective.

ssssssssssssOO this has been a pretty long journal with some updates on me...climbing up a wall...trying 2 finish my stuff...
will i ever finish my shit??????/ stay tuned for the next journal (haha whenever thAT will be)
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Well as of today NaNoRenO 2013 has officially started, and I've actually never participated in it? ?? I've played a lot of NaNoRenO games but I never thought to actually participate in it myself.

It would feel kind of refreshing starting a short project for the month, but honestly, aside from the characters I'm going to use...I don't know what kind of story to do?! I was thinking about just putting something together and I go along, maybe doing something kinda surreal, but I guess I'll figure it out somehow? Hmm, to participate or not to participate...that is the question.

Well we'll have to see how it goes. Anyway though, I'm excited to play some of the visual novels that are going to be out this March. uwu
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Wooo oh man, tons of stuff has been going down this weekend.

For starters, I've finally released the demo for Forget-Me-Not. *wipes sweat off of eyebrows* Ohhh man, and I've had to upload it to so many file sites a billion times because of internet connection issues and a tiny error that I accidentally made. (I switched like one letter and Emmett's face didn't show up in the demo, amazingly nobody actually noticed??? omfg it was the weirdest thing and I was sitting there freaking out and everyone just played it and thought it was normal olol) And with releasing a demo I forgot how stressful it can be trying to get back to people and help them out, which I don't mind doing, but I feel bad it was giving some people trouble. Well anyway, I think I've finally gotten everything prettty much sorted out now! Surprisingly the feedback it's received is pretty good..wowow I feel like I'm floating on clouds actually...!!!

I worked really hard so now I'm partying hard. ( ̄ー ̄)
:iconlongassdeerlegs: recommended me to play DragonNest (though it takes forever to start up...i wanna cry...!!) and its rrrrealllllyy funn!! I've been dying to play a good MMO in like forever. *_*

Also Tiger and Bunny came on DVD today!!! It was my Bday gift but since it officially released Feb 19 it took a couple days to get here. Ohhman oh man I'm gonna have tons of fun things to do this week...and then in 2 weeks there's our state's tests...I don't really want to think about those right now though. X'D
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It seems that when I always plan to work on something I've got tests (+ makeup tests) in the way. Oh man, I really didn't want to be absent for 4 days but?!?! I've gotta build up my immune system......;~;

Well the good news is that the Forget-Me-Not demo is REALLY gonna be out this week! (SHOCKING RIGHT!! ahhaa i've been saying that for at least 2 months now lol) Lovely lovely Carosene proofread the demo for me and I've corrected all the errors. I'm just going over it for one last time. (Because I really don't plan on uploading another demo, unless a programming error went wrong or something...which i hope it doesn't...)

Aaaand I'm pretty excited to finally get the ball moving on it!! I hope that most people play it and like it, because woo, this project sure took me a long time I can tell you that much. :iconlazecryingplz: So look out for that sometime this week.

Other than that tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm going to decorate my cake. :iconlazyroseplz: (I've always wanted to try cake decorating with fondant and this is kinda an excuse to do it.)

Hmm...that seems to be it??? I guess so, well thanks for the +favs and stuff on my work! It means alot. u///u
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ahhHh yes midterms are finally over!!!!! ( ̄ー ̄)phew that was a really long brain was about to explode

Now I've got a nice 5 day weekend so I'm really gonna push myself this weekend to get the forget me not demo completed.

And since I don't really need all my school papers from this semester, there's some I want to scan because I drew a hell of a lot of pretty good drawings on my schoolwork. :iconlazyroseplz:
(I know I'm a bad student...doodling on everything...weep)

Aaand I got 3 Prismacolor inking pens this week!!! ahh i love inking pens so much @__@ I'll have to scan some of my doodles I made with it. (cries i don't make very much quality work except for doodles :iconlazecryingplz:)
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In fact I felt like the end of this year came up pretty fast?? woah! !!

To be honest if I made a new years resolution it would be
* get more organized
* get good grades
* get shit done

pRETTY MUCH yeah actually thats my resolution

And I have a nice long break right now so be prepared for some art / major project updates. Let's see what I can get done in 2 weeks???
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I recently got a ps3 (my christmas gift I got early since it was on a good just not really getting anything for christmas sOB) so i'm finally able to play all the games i've been waiting for practically 3 years to play. Works out perfectly because Thanksgiving / Christmas break is coming up soon! Yay!!!

Well I guess just some artsy things I'm working on...if Fallout doesnt consume me,

- Working on getting a demo out on a game
- 30 day OTP challenge
- Planning on taking some printmaking things from art class home and maybe carve out a linoleum print?!

Not that much going on...just trying to get some of my things done. I'm trying to make this year a productive end of the year. Maybe I can actually get some of my projects done?!?